Quote of the day—Joe Biden

I’m the only one who has ever got them passed, man. The only gun control legislation that’s ever passed is mine. It’s going to happen again.

Joe Biden
March 28, 2021
Biden Confident That Senate Will Approve Gun Control Legislation
[I know that Biden has been in politics for a long time but I didn’t realize he had the seniority to be a major player in the infringement of civil rights with NFA34. That’s truly impressive.

And I thought Senator Feinstein and Representative Schumer were authoring and pushing the evil Brady Bill and “Assault Weapon” ban legislation instead of Biden. I guess it must be the Alzheimer’s clouding my brain again such that I remember that wrong.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joe Biden

  1. Victim disarmament laws have been around since at least a century before even Biden was born.

  2. And it is not only Biden. Our entire society is running on the past. The Washington Examiner sums it up with a quote from Adam Smith: “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.”.

    So we’re like a failing Energizer Bunny. We’ll keep going and going until there is nothing left. And while we’re at it we’re going to destroy what works and replace it with dreams.

  3. If you call gun shops selling every last scrap they have on the shelves gun control? Good on you Joe!
    That’s just what gun shops needed to get through this national Branch Covidian siege you commie bitches dreamed up.
    And for the grand prize of unintended consequences maybe you could demand confiscation. And send your gestapo/ SS storm troops to start kicking in doors?
    Well, he did say no malarkey, right?
    I guess Hunter really is the smartest guy he knows.

  4. Well, you know, just like the pope, and all secular leftists, and all fake Christians, Muslims and fake Jews, Biden will have a built-in tendency to claim ownership of things in which he played no role and has no legitimate stake. In so doing he is, at the least, merely planting his flag of authority and “virtue signaling” to the dark side.

    Lying openly is not only perfectly acceptable to the alliance of Babylon; it’s something of a requirement. It’s a sign of kingship that he can lie, steal and murder without being held to Biblically lawful standards. People of the alliance, the more aware among them at least, therefore will look up to him for it. Others will roll their eyes a bit, maybe make fun of him a little, and yet continue to support him without reserve.

    That’s a fundamental characteristic of the system, and it never changes. Remember how the media pundits often marveled at Bill Clinton’s ability to lie. They admired him for it.

    • Judaism is both a religion and an ethnicity. Atheistic jews are still very ethnocentric. Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a set of remarkable books on the subject.

  5. Pretty soon Crazy Joe will remember it was he who invented the internet.

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