Quote of the day—Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Looking at the FBI’s record, it’s hard not to conclude that it is far better at pursuing press and political opponents than at actually keeping us safe. It’s enough to make you wish those TV shows were fact and the FBI we actually have fiction.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds
April 1, 2021
The FBI is very good at woke politics, not so good at catching killers

Mr. Reynolds enumerates a number of humorous as well as deadly serious FBI mishandled, if not malicious, investigations. He didn’t even get to the two incidents I consider the most serious of FBI misbehaviors. These are known as “Ruby Ridge” and the “Waco massacre”. I find it very telling these FBI murderers still have not been brought to justice.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Glenn Harlan Reynolds

  1. The other observation about the FBI (and the ATF) is that they cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution. So we have a combination of “not effective” and “not authorized”.

    • Oh, I’d say both can be quite effective when they choose to be.

      It’s just a question of what one considers a desirable effect.

      (And please pardon the pre-coffee cynicism.)

      • (And please pardon the pre-coffee cynicism.)

        That goes double for me.

        Justice, due process, … is what the state allows – not what we allow. And I fear that they are just getting started in punishing everybody who will not support their view of the world.

        • Oh yes. They can go from political hack to Einsatzgruppen in a heartbeat.
          How good you are is always measured by the enemy your fighting. They have never had a real enemy to mix it up with to date. Therefor their real good.
          Hubris anyone? And having to work for the Biden/Xi/Harris/Obamanids has got to be more tiring than the tax code.
          Your always one phone call away from retirement or wanting to smoke your own pistol.

  2. I find it very telling these FBI murderers still have not been brought to justice.—Joe]

    And Bill Barr who orchestrated the the Ruby Ridge coverup not only walks free but was recently AG again where he did even worse damage to America.

    Plus I predict we get another reminder of Barr soon. Unless the jury is suborned, Chauvin is going to be acquitted and then the Feds step in with their indictment. If you recall, this is the same thing that Barr did to the cops that were acquitted in the Rodney King case.

  3. The FBI has become EXACTLY what it’s communist masters in politics wanted it to become. Their own Americanized Gestapo/KGB. They no longer even TRY to serve the law or the country and they aren’t even pretending to anymore.

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