ATF director nominee David Chipman

Tomorrow President Biden will nominate David Chipman to be the director of the ATF. Chipman is no stranger to this blog. I wrote about him as “Senior Policy Advisor” for the Gifford Group. And he was part of a set of cherry picked “experts” at a Gun Policy Summit.

It’s like nominating a Grand Cyclops of the KKK* to head the office of the African American Administration. No such branch of government should exist. And putting someone who despises the rights of the people most affected by the organization is a recipe for some very tough times for those wishing to exercise their rights.

* I didn’t know this until I was verifying the title of Grand Cyclops, but before candidates for membership in the KKK would be accepted they were asked, “Are you now or have ever been a member of the Radical Republican Party?” I could easily see identical language being used today for admission to anti-gun groups.


6 thoughts on “ATF director nominee David Chipman

  1. We can only hope he has as much going on as Gifford’s original detail?
    Cause they left the back door wide open.
    Kind of like the 9th’s ruling the other day.
    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
    They somehow missed the, “And bear arms”, part of that sentence. According to the 9th., one only has a privilege to keep them. (Until the government comes to buy them back?).Not show them off in public.
    We can only pray Chipman is as effective at ATF as Blinken was with the Chinese in Alaska the other day.
    I’m sure his first order of business will be to set some examples. Extra crispy anyone?
    I predict massive non-compliance. That’s why their call ghost guns right?

  2. Today’s actions seem more a sign of Biden’s weakness than strength. His ATF nominee requires senate approval, and his EO’s are only promises of things to come and when they do come, they can be challenged in the courts.

    Let the days of a 1001 nights [lawsuits] begin. And then there are the midterms that will come around the time that 1) 5000 new commercial diversity pilots are ready to take to the air, 2) prices of everything that people need will have doubled and tripled, 3) homelessness will have doubled and tripled, 4) crime will have doubled and tripled, and 5) sales of guns and ammo will have doubled and tripled (if available). Have I left anything off the list?

  3. And just in case the pestilences are not enough we should add prophets and sirens to the mix.

  4. So, what happened to Beto “Hell yes, we’re taking your guns!” O’Rourke? I thought he was supposed to be Zhao Bai Dinh’s gun czar.

    • I suspect that Robert Francis O’Rourke was judged to be insufficiently evil for the job.

  5. They aren’t even PRETENDING anymore. They are openly, blatantly and LOUDLY telling us that they are commies, they WON and now they intend to RULE US….WITH AN IRON HAND.

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