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From my after dinner talk at the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous:

You all know what happens if you were convicted of an act of domestic violence years or even decades ago. Ex post facto your right to keep and bear arms was infringed by the Lautenberg Amendment. And yes, I think the Gun Control Act of 1968 had ex post facto elements as well. But this is just a symptom of a much larger problem. You don’t cure cancer by giving the patient an narcotic for the pain. We have a cancer infringing on our right to keep and bear arms and we need to find a cure.

There are lots of places you can’t exercise your right to keep and bear arms. Depending on the particular jurisdiction you can’t carry your defensive tools, even if you have permit for most public places:

  • On buses
  • In parks
  • In post offices
  • Near schools
  • In hospitals
  • In the restaurant
  • On the job
  • In churches

In New Jersey a judge said, “When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril.”

In Utah AOL employees were fired for transferring guns from one car to another in the parking lot before going to the range. They sued and lost their case.

In Oklahoma Weyerhaeuser brought “drug sniffing” dogs into the parking lot on the first day of hunting season. The dogs were also trained to alert on guns. Employees who refused to allow searches of their vehicles after a dog alerted on them were told they would be fired on the spot. The searches that resulted in guns also resulted in people getting fired. They sued and lost their case.

A friend of mine started having “weird things” happen to her at work. In essence she was demoted and previous work from home accommodations were terminated. Things were being made very difficult for her and she didn’t understand why. Independently I noticed that I was getting hits on my web sites from Google searches for her name. The visits were from people at her company. They spent a lot of time on my websites looking at her gun owner rights activities and I told her about my discovery. Ahhh haaa!!! So that is what is going on. She left the company on terms of her own choosing.

After taking a group of people to the range, where a good time was had by all, another friend was accused by some gun fearing woman of intimidating her in the hallway. My friends contract was terminated early without ever being asked his side of the story. The women later bragged about getting rid of the gun nut and was fired for dishonesty.

Chris at Anarchangel, at the next table over, has another egregious example of being fired from a job for exercising his right to keep and bear arms.

As many of you know I was fired from my job at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I couldn’t understand why until I looked at my log files for my websites. Someone had a problem with my being a civil rights advocate.

If I know that many people personally affected then how widespread is the problem?

A former New York prosecutor told me if you shoot someone you must prove, and rightly so, that it was self-defense. Not that the prosecutor had to prove it wasn’t self defense. No part of the Bill of Rights applies if you are a gun owner.

What I want you to do now is replace “gun owner” in all those cases with ‘black’. What do you have?

We are gun n***ers.

They want us “in our place” and they want to exterminate us. Not our physical bodies but our culture–our “gun culture”.

And what do we do? Almost all of the time when we fight we only fight to maintain our position. We fight to keep from getting another restriction, another whipping. Sometimes we don’t lose those fights and don’t get whipped. And when we lose “The Master” tells us if we are good, we won’t have to get whipped again. We bow our heads and tell him how good we are going to be. The “The Master” won’t ever have to worry about us again. We are going to be good from now on. We don’t want to be whipped again.

We seldom win. We seldom make real progress. We occasionally defeat an anti-gun politician at the polls but his replacement isn’t able or willing to undo the damage done by his or her predecessor. We only slow the cancer some. We aren’t defeating it.

What we need to do is to turn the tables. But how do we do that? It’s in the state of mind.

We have been downtrodden for so long we are almost unable to think straight. These people are bigots. They may think they are the elite, the wise, the educated, and the deserving of power, but they are simple, ignorant bigots. The facts don’t matter to them. I’ve literally had people tell me, “Statistics don’t mean anything to me. You can prove anything with statistics.” And, “I don’t believe your facts.” They don’t have facts of their own. They only have their bigoted beliefs. When my Just One Question got put on the Democratic Underground the best they could some up with for a response was, “What color is orange? True or false?”

We must put these people in their proper place. The Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, and all their associated organizations are the 21st Century equivalents of the KKK. And the majority of the public needs to know that. There were members of the KKK that were tried and sent to jail decades after their crimes because of the change in public opinion in the intervening years. Keep that as our final goal as you suffer through the “whippings” we take near every day. I know you cringe as you remove your gun and leave it behind when you go to work, or as you walk defenseless through the nearly empty parking garage to the hospital to visit a friend. We may be able to hold these people that impose these degradations and “whippings” upon us accountable years from now just as the KKK crimes were punished years after the crimes occurred.

I’ll bet the first question that comes to mind is, “Even if it were possible to make that much progress, wouldn’t that be Ex Post Facto that you complained about being applied to us?” No. The laws already exists. It just isn’t enforced because we are gun n***ers. 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 is what I want them doing time for violating. I want to see mayors Daley and Bloomberg, senators Schumer and Feinstein handcuffed and dragged off to jail. I want to see major newspapers and news networks detailing their crimes which resulted in the deaths of thousands and rapes of tens of thousands because of all the victims they disarmed. I want to see them pay restitution and spend the rest of their lives behinds bars for their crimes against humanity. I want to see company diversity training include a section on being sensitive to the rights of gun owners. I want to see making a disparaging remark about gun owners in the workplace be cause for disciplinary action.

You can help do this. It’s going to be much easier than some of the other battles we have fought because we don’t need new laws. We just need existing law enforced.

When you post on a gun rights issues, when you write your letter to the editor, your congressman, or your senator you have to have the proper state of mind. Never forget that the anti-gun bigots are the KKK of the 21st Century. Look for opportunities to make that point. Make belonging to the Brady Campaign the equivalent of a membership in the KKK because it’s true.


3 thoughts on “State of mind

  1. Here’s hoping someday people hear your name and think what they think now of Rosa Parks.

  2. I find it somewhat ironic that our civil rights began to be seriously infringed at the same time the rights of blacks were on the serious upswing. But many people claim that GCA ’68 was because of the blacks carrying firearms to help defend themselves against the bigots. Certainly there is a lot of evidence the very first gun control laws in this country were about controling minorities.

    It seems that people always find a way to express their bigotry and perhaps even need to have an outlet for those types of acts.

    Me on par with Rosa Parks? I don’t have as tough a battle as she did. Virtually no one I have heard from thinks what happened to me was acceptable. Many think it may have been legal but still they think it was wrong. Rosa Parks didn’t have that much support from the general population. She was also breaking the law. I didn’t need the courage to break the law and am only asking that existing law be enforced.

  3. It would be interesting to see a full compilation of violent crimes committed inside “gun free zones” after such laws were enacted. To me it would read as a powerful indictment against the Oath Breakers who authored and voted for them.

    I’ve been working on a post about this. It ends with a message to legislators, cops and judges. Here’s a snippet: “All your words, and all your actions, are a matter of public record. They will follow you for the rest of your life…”

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