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Actually I do get to tell you because its my freedom. You have the freedom not to listen. And its not about self defense you have a tiny dick complex and need something to over compensate for it. Have you considered a 357 magnum with extended barrel to make up for it?

Oculusprince2017 (@Oculusprince201)
Tweeted on May 27, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

I sometimes find it curious just how messed the brain wiring of an anti-gun person is (see also here). As Lyle often reminds us, they insist they have the “freedom” to do wrong. Also they believe that what we say is at total odds with they “know” what we are thinking. This whole “I know what you are really thinking” thing is a sign of certain personality disorders.

I wonder if these people can ever be cured or at least get the crazy under enough control such that they aren’t a threat to everyone around them. I understand that reality is sometimes difficult to discern but, wow, these people are really out of touch.—Joe]


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  1. “I wonder if these people can ever be cured or at least get the crazy under enough control such that they aren’t a threat to everyone around them.”

    I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist but I think the answer is ‘No’.
    They appear to be in a continual delusional state.
    There are only three possible courses of action with these people.
    1, Lifetime commitment under constant heavy sedation and continuing electro-shock therapy to one of the newly reopened psychiatric asylums
    2, Lifetime commitment to public community mental health housing only after pre-frontal lobotomy.
    3, Euthanasia.

    • I think there are probably many more options. The first that comes to mind is not allowing them to vote. And I’m betting there are some therapies which could make some dramatic improvement in many of them. I know there didn’t used to be any hope for Borderline Personality Disorders but there do exist some now. But it depends upon the BPD person wanting to recover. Many people don’t believe there is anything wrong with them or some, such as people with bipolar issues, enjoy the manic phase so much they don’t want to give it up in exchange for a more stable life.

      My model for humans is that rationality is a thin, and evolutionarily recent, veneer over an emotional core. The emotional core has it’s benefits for quick “good enough” decisions. Rational decisions take far too much time in many important cases (think physical danger from large predators or violent acts of nature). The rational thought process provides benefits for long range time and distance planning. Most people can engage the rational for at least some decisions. But if there is a strong emotional bias, even if it contradicts the physical world around them, the rational thought will be used to find “reasons” to justify the emotions rather than suppress the emotions at odds with physical reality. This is part of the reason why I sometimes say that reality is difficult to discern. Emotions can be very strong and are tough to tame. There is an extremely strong urge to use the rational process to justify emotions rather than to subdue the emotions then think and act rationally.

    • Data point, and a warning;
      Each side wants to put the other side into some form of concentration camps, or otherwise vastly restrict their actions.

      Being that Cain killed Able, clearly, Cain saw Able as being unworthy of life. Able, if he’d had the chance, would have seen Cain’s desire to kill him as criminal.

      They both would have seen the other as “criminal” then, but in different, opposite, senses. One of them would be delusional and the other correct, yet each of course would feel certain in his position.

      Most criminals, in their minds, justify their thinking and its attendant pathological behavior. Some are quite brilliant at it, and delude not only themselves but others. They tend also to seek positions of “authority”, such as that of Dean of the College of Education at university, for example.

      The only hope is to have an outside standard, not subject to public opinion, personal interpretation, or revision.

      The Ten Commandments are quite useful in that regard, but they have been revised by those of the mind of Cain. The Catholic Catechism version for example is an atrocity. The so-called “ten commandments” supposedly being fought over at that state capital a while back was one of the fake versions (so that whole “fight” was a false dichotomy). Fortunately, we can still find the Commandments largely intact in the King James Version.

      In any case, the story repeates itself throughout history. The “rebels”, being those of the mind of Cain, the criminal mind, seek the “liberty” to act on their criminal urges, while seeing any obstacles to that behavior as tyranny.

      They are as intelligent and clever as anyone, but use their intelligence for deception, worming, infiltrating and incorporating their criminal tendencies into society, very subtly at first, and more openly as the Progression reaches its zenith.

      Those of the mind of Able, being more interested in living in peace, and doing their work, will always tolerate the little rebellions, here and there, until they discover that it’s too late to start a process of reform because, now, the criminals are running the show. It appears they took over while we were busy building, growing, trading, and generally living our lives. We didn’t notice until we’d been surrounded.

      All that’s left is to get away from them, and stay away. “Come out of Babylon! Come out and be separate!” Well, what does one do when the entire planet is over-run with the bloody bastards, and they essentially own all the infrastructure, and claim ownership of all the wilderness?

      “Coming out of Babylon” then must take on an entirely spiritual nature, apparently, as there’s no way to physically do it. Christians and Jews fleeing the persecution of Rome had the Americas to run to, but that’s a done deal. Theres not another new world. There’s nowhere left to physically run to, and the bloody bastards outnumber us by thousands to one.

  2. I’ve been saying this for a long time, and I think this quote falls in line with it.

    The folks that think like this are natural slaves. They want strict controls placed over their opponents (and by extension, themselves- “There ought to be a law…”), and want masters over them that dictate every minute decision/opportunity to them. When you think about it, they want an easy life- taken care of by a giant nanny with clearly designed rules and restrictions that are simple to follow because freedom to break from them is heavily policed.

    We’ve seen enough gun = dick analogies by now to know that it’s just another common phrase to them. It’s been repeated ad nauseam for a very long time and they’re just parroting it by now. No thought required, easy to do.

    So yeah, I believe oculusprince wants to be a subject, not a citizen. He (I assume gender, yo) secretly desires a master of his life and wants everyone else to fall in line with it, because it’s easier than trying to forge his own path in life.
    Wow, this was long.

  3. I believe it boils down to I.Q.. Which seems to govern impulse control. Or a noted lack thereof. Its been found poor food quality/quantity in younger years leads to slow mental growth. Thus the reason most 3rd. world countries are “shitholes”.
    In America, most of the problem can be found in “self esteem” classroom mentality. That truckload of tripe has been foisted a couple of generations now, (a smart person with to much conceit will have the same problems),coupled with the import of mass amounts of said “shitholers” And we have a recipe for an American version of Mexico City. A great place if you have means. beans and tortilla welfare if not. And not much in between. (We don’t know nothing about no stinking constitution!)
    Cain killed Able because he was “Jealous”, of gods excepting Able’s sacrifice. And rejecting his. (compare the smell of burnt veggies to grilled cow fat?). Anyway it seems to me Cain was the first of a long line of “shitholers”. the line of which sadly isn’t going to end with Mr. Prince.

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