Overheard at work

I work in computer security. I write software to search for “interesting” data in billions of connections between millions of computers. Many times the “interesting” stuff I find turns out to be not quite as “interesting” as I initially thought. I always run it by others to do a “reality check” before investing too much time investigating or raising an alarm of some sort.

I showed my boss some “interesting” data recently:

Chris (my boss): Do you every feel like that guy in a movie sitting in front of radar screen saying, “I don’t think that is a flock of birds!”?

Me: All the time.

Chris: Yeah, well, I don’t think this is a flock of birds.


6 thoughts on “Overheard at work

  1. It’s not a flock of birds, it’s a B-17 flight coming in from the states. OOPS

  2. That’s a “Bravo One Romeo Delta.” (B1RD) That’s what we’d say when one of the lookouts on the ship thought they saw a plane – when it was really a bird.

  3. birds? Ask Captain Sully how important it is to keep an eye out for flocks of birds.

  4. Then there’s Cliff Stoll and “The Cuckoo’s Egg”.
    “Cliff, here’s a $.75 charge we don’t know where it came from or what it’s for.
    Find out what it is”

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