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It’s going to continue ramping up. That the enemy gets a say, doesn’t mean we’ve lost the war.  Note the game is always the same they’ve played, only it’s working less now, now that us thought criminals know we’re not alone. They are not by and large, safe for the antifidiots resorting to physical violence. (And the antifidiots only operate in the cities where they feel safe.) They’re yellow under all the black paraphernalia. They are using what they always used: doxxing, whisper campaigns, mobbing and destruction of reputations and livelihoods.

They’ve done this my whole life. It’s their modus operandi. It’s just that now half of their campaigns (at least) fall apart and what they wish to keep under the rug comes flying out.  And we’re not alone. And we know we’re not alone.

My guess is that we’re so far from alone that the end-game for the US is the same as Romania, in terms of the worm turning (hopefully not in terms of the stupid afterwards, but that is up to all of us.)  One morning the “progressives” are riding high and by evening they’re cooling meat.

Sarah H. Hoyt
January 30, 2019
The Liberation Won’t Be On The Payroll
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. Hmm. I guess I’ll have to keep point this out until the day I die; the street level thugs may be idiots, but they’re being inspired by highly organized, highly motivated, well-funded and highly intelligent authoritarians, and they have the backing of the political parties, and they have the backing of international bodies.

    Jim Jones, from whom we get the term “Kool-Aid drinker” got his start as a Democrat Party street organizer, and so you see that this sort of thing is generations old.

    Until we understand what we face, how can we hope to overcome it?

    Call me a “conspiracy nut” all you want, but if you believe that these street rioters and Marxist agitators, simply formed up out of the grass roots, all spontaneous like, just because they’re dumb, then you’re the nut.

    Call the leftists “stupid” and suchlike all you want; their handlers – the perps, not the dupes, practically run the world, and they have us supporting them. They even have us afraid to call them out for what and who they are, so all we can do is chase their shadows (their street thugs) , and call the shadows names and laugh at them, or threaten to kill them at some stage, and so I must keep asking, over and over again;

    Who are the “stupid” ones after all is said and done? If the children are misbehaving, is it the fault of the children, or are the grownups to blame?

    When the children take over the household, and are jumping up and down on the table, banging pots together and throwing feces, who is responsible? Should the grownups then poke fun at the children, mocking them, jeering at them and calling them names? How will that turn out over the long run?

    • Can you demonstrate how we go about being “grown ups” with those on the left? Specific actions you have taken which achieved the desired outcome, no matter how small the scale, would be very useful.

  2. You can be correct, and you can try to convince the leftists that you are correct, and you may even succeed in convincing a few leftists that you are correct, and they will at that point consider you even more dangerous to their alliance.

    We see echoes of this concept in action in the declarations that military vets, “constitutionalists”, fundamental Christians, et al are especially dangerous and need to be watched. Remember that? Do I have to find the links, from federal government sources and show them to you all over again?

    This is a Biblical concept as well (as is anything of great importance in life). The scribes and Pharisees spoke among themselves, deciding that if Jesus really was the Messiah spoken of by Moses, then all the more reason to get rid of him, because if it were true it would mean that their entire position in life, their whole gig, (which is a typology of the authoritarian system) was at an end. This is also why there is a Rabbinical Curse against anyone who delves into the Book of Daniel to figure out the time prophesies regarding the Messiah.

    So, in fact, the Rabbinical curse has been reinstated in the U. S., in the form of the federal declaration which says that libertarians in general are an incipient threat. They understand the nature of the conflict, and they understand the opposing doctrines, well and completely. They’re on the wrong side is all.

    Don’t call them idiots. We have a lot of catching up to do before we can even begin to overcome them.

    • Nothing in the quote above refers to idiots. And the idiot reference in the complete post only casually describes a small segment of the political left as idiots. So, it seems to me you are attacking a strawman.

      And if you have a better plan of action or forecast for the future lets hear it.

        • Hi there, Boris!
          From my view, Lyle provides a valued perspective on the history of the Left, in all it’s guises. He talks about the religious angle in our struggle with it, which too many people shy away from. “Know your enemy” is an important point in fighting them, and to ignore an aspect of their culture and history simply because it might be an uncomfortable perspective is self-limiting. Not all his comments address this particular angle, and his general historical knowledge, and firearms background, adds important and interesting data. He is one of the factors that brings me to Joe’s blog. He is an asset, and I value his input. Your attitude seems intent on causing division. That would fall in the category of “troll”. What say you?

          • I say that over the time I’ve been reading Joe’s blog, I’ve seen a number of posters – myself included – ask Lyle what seemed honest questions, in particular about what he actually proposes be done.

            I may be wrong about this, but I can’t recall Lyle ever replying.

            I too have enjoyed his writing on occasion, if it is a bit overblown at times. It often seems to me there’s a delight in pointing out how bad things seem, how much we have lost, et cetera. But there seems no willingness to discuss what we might do to bring ourselves back from the precipice … or anything at all, actually.

            What do you call someone who apparently loves to pontificate but refuses to engage in any discussion of his ideas?

            Call me a troll if you wish; it’s not something I’m often accused of, but I see your perspective. I am willing to engage with critics and questioners. Regarding intent to cause division, no; simply a perhaps unfortunately cynical joke. (But, in all honesty I was hoping to need to mail Joe a nickel.)

          • Boris, I retract the troll comment. Great reply!
            The problem that Lyle encounters in answering Joe’s question is that there is no practical single method that will fix our situation. At least that would be palatable for most people currently. Due to human nature, the citizenry of the US has allowed things to degenerate almost since we separated from the British. Resting on our laurels, so to speak. A course correction would have been easy a century ago, but by WW2, the program had been engaged for over fifty years. Hard to fight that momentum. I don’t think it can be fixed using words anymore. The Left is impervious to facts, for the most part. Until reality smacks them upside the head, I expect things to continue, until they don’t.

  3. I find Lyle’s comments thought provoking. The call to action that Joe would like to see is a difficult thing to articulate as there is no one magic bullet. As Lyle has explained many times, there is an echelon of people that are, for all intents and purposes, untouchable. For details supporting that, check out “Tragedy and Hope” by Caroll Quigley and “The Naked Capitalist” by W. Cleon Skousen. For my part, the influence that the vast majority of us can exert is along the lines of what Joe does when he takes a person unfamiliar with shooting to the range. For myself, I have had many opportunities to discuss these issues with people who do not share my views and concerns. Seldom is it that a “convert” is made immediately but I feel that I cannot allow an opportunity to pass by. It does take some effort however to discuss difficult topics and remain civil. But, I must say that it is very rewarding when the person you are speaking with loses it because you know that at that point, they have come face to face with their error but cannot admit it or do not know how to otherwise deal with it. So for specifics on what to do? Keep doing what you are comfortable with and knowledgeable of. Our opposition is truly a minority and have become as vocal as they are only because they believe that we have been cowed. Standing up confidently and courteously whenever and wherever there is opportunity will raise fear in their hearts and when their rage becomes ineffective, they will slink back to the shadows.

    • There are layers of redirects, meat-puppets, obfuscations, bolt-holes, patsies, fall-guys, and plausible deniability between what most people see and the actual decision makers. If the Dems and Reps are actually two branches of a bifactional uniparty (US branch), who is really behind calling the shots? How do you get at them?
      I’m sure many of the mid-level pols think they are. I’m just as sure that their big doners believe “he who has the money calls the shots.” But then, the corrupt judge knows who you have to bow down to the make that little problem go away. And the lobbyist writing the bills for the politician knows who’s palm needs to get greased to get things out of committee. And the central bankers know that nothing happens without a monetary policy supporting it, and that the market forces are FAR larger than the central bank’s interest rate policy. The CIA dn FBI guys know that it the surveilance community who really knows what is going on, and therefore has the power. Behind that, the guys holding the compromising videos of aforementioned pols, bankers, lawyers, judges, agents, chairmen, et al, know who ultimately calls the shots…. but they all know someone else who has similar dirt on them, so do they really? Or is it just the Vatican, or the Prince of Lies, or the Illuminati?

      Where does the cycle of corruption and influence end? How do we deal with the whole system? If you believe in Q, or God, then perhaps Trump is doing that right now, and that’s why we have record criminal busts, congressional turnover, progress in NorK and the Middle East, and both Dem and Rep HATE him.

      Personally, I’m looking forward to major changes in world politics over the next few years.

      Interesting time. Interesting times, indeed.

  4. ” But, I must say that it is very rewarding when the person you are speaking with loses it because you know that at that point, they have come face to face with their error but cannot admit it or do not know how to otherwise deal with it.”

    It’s been my experience that this situation is unproductive. What seems to be happening is you have questioned their Belief System. That, BTW, is another term for Religion. How often have you seen someone renounce their religion? Almost never happens. Part of the problem is that we are hard-wired for a belief system. So, it has to be replaced, IF it is their primary. I suspect we are capable of having more than one belief system, that can have some internal disagreements, but no studies have been done on this that I have seen. It’s only been a few years since the conclusion we are hard-wired for it. That alone was very disturbing to researchers. I suspect they have no interest in looking further!

    Since the basic Left-Right positions seem to be primarily based on belief systems, large scale changes of the current players would seem to be unrealistic. At least thru normal conversational methods. (BTW, one of the defining definitions is that facts are not necessary to support a belief system) Something as world shaking as a civil war, or variations thereof, might generate some actual soul searching by those on the Left, maybe.

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