Quote of the day—Dan Bongino‏ @dbongino

Socialism is the religion of the imbecile. Support for it is blind faith in a governing system so devoid of reason that it signals either your complete lack of intellect OR your thirst to subjugate others. ANYONE supporting socialism is an accomplice to the destruction it causes.

Dan Bongino‏ @dbongino
Tweeted on February 10, 2019
[In part, because of their deficiency in their ability and/or interest in using reason they are far more likely to use violence than those unaligned with socialism.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Dan Bongino‏ @dbongino

  1. There certainly seems to be more than a casual linkage between progressive Democrats and much of the mass casualty destruction that has gone on. Looking into the political affiliation of either the mass casualty perpetrators or their serious and close mentors or relations and you find almost rabid progressive dogma. Even the guy that flew a light airplane into a Texas IRS office was a Democrat. From the spin of the news media, you would have expected him to be of a conservative political bent. I think Bongino has hit this one straight on.

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