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On one hand, the gun grabbers talk about how mandatory training is necessary, and that only the well trained should be able to own guns, etc…

Then they introduce a law that will prevent people from training.

February 5, 2019
Comment to Connecticut State Representative admits gun control bill is to hurt target shooters
[See also what Sebastian has to say about this.

This reminds me of dealing with people with Borderline Personality Disorder. They create no-win situations. BPD people don’t consciously create these situations. Their messed up minds don’t recognize their own irrationality. I suspect many of the anti-gun people don’t recognize the conflict either. They just recognize every restriction hurts gun owners and that is a “good thing” in their mind.

On the other hand I’m certain some of them are truly evil and chortle as they come up with these ideas.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—CBMTTek

  1. Until they’re made to pay for their crimes, they’ll never stop. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

    You can spend a lifetime trying to use logic to convince vandals and muggers to stop vandalizing and mugging, paying them tribute along the way, while they leer and jeer and smear you and recruit more vandals and muggers, or you can arrest them, try them for their criminal offenses and punish them accordingly. Given equal dedication and rescources; over the long run, which one of these two tactis is absolutely guaranteed to fail and which one is guaranteed to be effective?

    Most of you could see that that is the right question, and we all know the answer to it, of course, but isn’t it at least 100 years too late to start asking? Don’t the vandals and the muggers of the principles of liberty already control the legal system for the most part? Don’t they run the law schools?

    Aren’t they now among the very office holders who should be arresting themselves? And yet they can now get together in Congress, in state capitols, city halls, police stations and elsewhere and discuss their next criminal operation in broad daylight, even with cameras running, their criminal operations planning even being broadcast to the entire world, and we think of it as regular American politics.

    Right; it’s like voting on a referendum which tells the local criminal population to plan, organize and enforce the removal of themselves from our community, and giving them a huge budget to see that it happens. Then when they “fail” which is a certainly, we will be convinced that their budget wasn’t big enough and we’ll give them more. Within a year they’ll own the entire town and everything and everyone in it.

    On the national or global scale it just takes a bit longer.

    If our only angle is trying to convince a very successful, highly organized, global criminal network to please see reason, please see right from wrong and stop doing what they’re doing, while we pay them handsomely to do it, then again I ask; who are the stupid ones, the laughable, the willfully blind, the un-seeing, the blithering idiots in this scenario?

    • It’s getting old, Lyle. Do you have a proposed solution, or are you just going to troll every post with this insane yapping?

      • Defens,
        I view Lyle as our “town crier”. A very accurate one. It’s not their job to fix things, but to inform the population of the area of what is happening. That you and others are getting annoyed by his message lately is interesting. I suspect the stress of watching the Nation coming apart at the seams is bleeding over to other parts of our lives. Lyle can’t answer accurately without lots of badges showing up at his door, most likely. Also, he, as would most decent people, would really like this to end without a major conflict. Odds of that are looking slim, at this point. Mostly due to not enough people willing to march on the various capitols and remove the scoundrels before things go to hell in a handbasket. Herd impulse strikes again, sigh…

  2. Proof? Of course not.

    I’m pretty sure the people I personally know with BPD don’t consciously think of ways to hurt other people even when they leave a trail of destruction in their path. Their brains are just “wired” weirdly.

    • The proper definition of good and evil is by effect, not intent. So they are all evil.

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