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I have a bunch of open tabs in my browser and I only have a few minutes before I’m leaving for 10 days to put on Boomershoot. I’ll have some time to make a few blog posts but I want to clear these up before I go.

It’s rare but sometimes they really do say the incredibly stupid things that we accuse them of:

Rep. Jackson Lee: ‘Don’t Condemn the Gangbangers’ – We Need Gun Legislation

Jackson Lee took the House floor on April 9 to argue in favor of increased gun control legislation, “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked — that are not enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that have strong gun laws.”

“Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun legislation.”

Jackson Lee continued by saying that current gun laws need to be enforced,  “I’m going to agree with my friends on the other side of the isle. Our Republican friends, let’s enforce the gun laws that we have – – who would run away from that. That’s a sensible proposition. Put a resolution on the floor of the House – – let’s enforce gun laws that we have.”

Yes. She said that. Blame the gun not the criminals.

Yes. She said that. Put a resolution on the floor to enforce existing laws.

Her babblings should qualify her for dementia medicine trials.

I could only see four out of the ten weapons being in the category “you won’t believe are legal”. And then only if you don’t understand the 2nd Amendment. They had to be desperate for content:

10 Weapons You Won’t Believe Are Legal

  1. Flame Thrower
  2. Miniguns
  3. Katana
  4. Cannon
  5. Crossbow
  6. Grenade Launchers
  7. Nunchucks
  8. Umbrella Sword
  9. Speargun
  10. Chain Whip

There has to be more to this than what I have had time to dig into.

Judge: lawsuits can proceed against theater owner in Colorado massacre

A federal judge refused on Wednesday to dismiss wrongful death and personal injury claims brought against a movie theater chain on behalf of victims of last summer’s mass shooting at a suburban Denver screening of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.”

U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson ruled that Cinemark
USA, owner of the theater where 12 people were shot
dead, could potentially be found liable for damages under a
Colorado law that holds landowners responsible for activities on their property.

What? The best I could come up with for a plausible grounds for claiming the theater was responsible was if the plaintiffs believed they were disarmed and unable to protect themselves. And I think that is only about 10% chance of being the case.

Yes. Some people blamed the 2nd Amendment for the Boston bombing:

I once had a boss suggest that I was making so much money at time and a half on weekends that I shouldn’t fly back to Idaho to visit my family. I should just hire a hooker to give me blow jobs under the desk while I continued to write code. I laughed and went home for the weekend.

It turns out there might actually be a market for that sort of service:

Silicon Valley’s other entrepreneurs: Sex workers

In a quiet cafe outside San Francisco, “Josephine” — a local prostitute — arranges a collection of t-shirts across the table. They’re emblazoned with phrases like “Winter is Coming” and “Geeks Make Better Lovers.” She wears them in her online ads to catch the eye of the area’s well-off engineers and programmers.

“I’m trying to communicate to them that I understand a little bit what it’s like to be techy, nerdy, geeky,” she says. There’s another thing Josephine and her clients have in common: Like many of the techies she caters to, Josephine views herself as an entrepreneur.


12 thoughts on “Tab clearing

  1. Hey, I agree with Jay Mohr!
    The violence has to stop and the culture must change, so …
    I propose federal legislation to ban the manufacture, transfer or possession of any movie, film or television show in any medium that contains any violence.

  2. Somehow, I missed your post on the West, TX disaster… Thought you might like to comment on that explosion?

  3. Re: Colorado lawsuit. I think the theater should have had a audible alarm on the Emergency exit. They didn’t. That allowed the gunman to easily come and go — and because of that, I think they are at least partially responsible.

  4. In every theater I’ve been in Those doors are also used as the regular exit doors. They are meant to get people out quick and get used for that every day. Any alarm system would have a false alarm rate so high that it would be useless. And how often have they ever been needed to prevent anything beyond a few people slipping in to catch a free movie? The door system works for any reasonably foreseeable problem. Should the sidewalk in front be barricaded to prevent someone plowing a truck through the line waiting for the next new movie opening at midnight? Unlikely, But not impossible. Any place people gather in large groups presents an opportunity for someone so inclined to kill in large groups. It doesn’t happen much because mostly people don’t want to do it. And there’s really not much of an effective defense possible beyond that. Welcome to real life. It is sometimes dangerous in ways that can’t be practically avoided. – Chris

  5. Agree with Oakenheart. If they tell their customers they can’t defend themselves, then the implicit agreement is that the theater is going to provide that defense. Either that, or they’re telling moviegoers that they are just rolling the dice and that the place is wide open to those who don’t care about the laws anyway (last I looked, murder has been against the law a LOT longer than guns….see the Ten Commandments).

    As for the rest… its legal for me to own a cannon? heheheheheheheheheheee….

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  7. Somebody should tell Jay Mohr that it wasn’t the Second Amendment that caused the Boston Marathon bombing, but the First Amendment. Where were the brothers radicalized? That radicalizing speech and writing must be regulated if tragedies like this are to be prevented, and if Jay Mohr and Stephen Colbert have to deal with censors, well, tough for them, remember, it’s for the children.
    It works, not only for the bastard child of the Bill of Rights, but also for the favorite son as well. I’m going to have to mention this to the frothing-mouthed Leftist I associate with. While they are stunned into silence, I’ll say I have to report this conversation to the Department of Homeland Security, and have I spelled both first and last names correctly?

  8. Wow that “10 Weapons You Won’t Believe Are Legal” list is asinine. Katanas? OMG sharp pieces of metal are legal! Nobody had better tell them about machetes or axes, they might faint.

    Crossbows and spearguns? I’m surprised slingshots didn’t make it on the list with those.

    Nunchucks? That’s literally two sticks tied (or chained) together!

    Chain Whip? As in: a length of chain. The idea that anyone can own a length of chain qualifies as unbelievable to them.

    I can only surmise that the author(s) have never in their lives stepped into a hardware or sporting goods store.

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