Boomershoot Patch Update

Got the patches delivered today. I’ll have a box-full at Boomershoot for purchase, pre-orders get priority. All the variations are here.

Prices are:

Patches: $4 each, or two for $6
Rockers: $2 each, or two for $3
Patch and two rockers: $6
(click pic to explode image… er, I mean, get a closer view)


Not as many people as I expected ordered, so I couldn’t get the price down quite as low as I hoped too, but I still ordered some extras to hit a price-break point, so I’m still happily taking orders. If I DO sell them all by the end of the dinner, the small profit I’d make will get donated to normal Boomershoot cause. Anyone who wants some and can’t make it, email me or post a comment and we can arrange for mailing them or other delivery method, or you can arrange to have someone you know pay for and pick them up for you. I’ll be at the dinner, and at position number 42 shooting.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot Patch Update

  1. I’ll need a few more than I ordered initially. I suspect that only a small percentage of shooters actually frequent the blog, and have noticed the patches.

    I also suspect you’ll be sold out before Sunday!

    • I sure hope I’m sold out! I didn’t get very many pre-orders, and the individual piece price for that many would have been a lot steeper than people might like, so I went up a couple of price-break points to get the unit price down, figuring just what you said. I had to stretch things a bit to get there, but we’ll see. If they sell out early and there is still a lot of interest, I might re-order (based on specific requests). We’ll see, and hope for the best.

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