Boomershoot Patch Update

OK, here are the updated patches. Two versions, and various rockers that you could put above and /or below. I would REALLY like feedback from people what you are interested in, as I’m ordering them on my own dime on spec, and there are significant price breaks at various production numbers. I’d like to not order a metric boat-load, and only have three buyers of two each (being currently unemployed that would REALLY suck), but I ALSO don’t want to send people away empty handed. I don’t need money up front – I’ll have them at Boomershoot, and anyone who can’t make it or send someone to get them there I’ll make arrangements with after I see what’s left over. They will be 100% stitched, and iron-on backing for those that are sewing-impaired. 4″ circle, matching rockers. If I can buy in reasonable quantity, they will likely be $3 a patch or two for $5, and $1.50 a rocker, perhaps even less. Let me know ASAP. Order is going in next week.

A quick note patches and rockers: Anyone can get either patch, though the “precision shooting” patch is aimed at people who have taken Econ’s shooting clinic. I’ll not be checking registration or anything. If you have hit a lot of boomers, clinic or not, you have earned a Precision Shooting badge.

The Henchman and Ordnance Engineer rockers are for those that have or had explosives handling experience at boomershoot.

The Minion and Support Logistics rockers are for anyone who has helped out at any Boomershoot event.

The Precision Rifle and Long Range Shooter rockers are for anyone that has shot at a boomer, at at time, successful or not.

The Recreational Explosives and Unindicted Coconspirator are for anyone that wants them. Yes, you can have more than one. Collect them ALL!

(images not all to same scale)

MolonLowerRockerPrecisionShooting  UpperRocker


20 thoughts on “Boomershoot Patch Update

  1. I am in for six of each patch and two each of the long-range shooter, unindicted coconspirator, ordnance engineer, recreational explosives and precision rifle rockers.

    Since I won’t be there this year let me know how to pay you.

  2. I hate to be a curmudgeon – well, actually I revel in being one, but that’s beside the point. To me, the whole patch thing is kind of dweebie. I think I bought one t-shirt over the years, which was pretty cool. I never even collected the T-shirt that I won a couple years back for suggesting the photo caption.

    Where do you put such a thing? Behind a frame in your reloading room? Okay. But I wouldn’t sew one on a jacket or anything. Despoils the subdued Ninja look I’m working on.

    Maybe you could do some in flat dark earth subdued mode. Or just all – black. “What is that patch for?” “Boomershoot – I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.”

    • Range bag. Jacket. Hat. Gun rug. Annoying son-in-law’s forehead. (well, maybe not). Tee-shirt. Use as a coaster in the Man Cave ™. Sew on a hat that fits but has a dorky logo. The other range bag. Likely best to NOT put it on your luggage.

  3. One of mines going over the embroidery of the Wounded Warrior Project on a very nice polo.

    I’m in for 8 each of the patches and similar numbers of the Precision Rifle and Long Range shooter.

    Might I suggest that you limit the Precision Rifle to those who have taken the clinic? If so, I’ll buy enough to cover all our students.

    • How many in the class this year? (I’d order extras for those that have taken it in years past).
      My aim (no pun intended) is for that patch to be for class attendants, past or present, but as I don’t have the list, I’m not going to be an accountant about it. If you’d like to place a bulk order for them all, and then handle sales to those that qualify, I’d be happy to go that route. If not, it’ll be honor system.

  4. I think we can go honor system on it.

    We’ll have a max of 20 class shooters. I’ll cover those up front for you, plus the big patches I want.

    Most class shooters will want a big patch, too, I just don’t know which they’ll want so hopefully there will be enough for them to buy.

  5. Rolf, sorry I missed this earlier. Put Janelle and I down for 8 of the Molon Labe. 8 “Un-indicted Co-conspirator” and “8 Ordinance engineer” rockers.

    Patches work extremely well, doubly so if there’s Velcro on the back. I plan on having a set on my range back and another on my coat sleeve when I get a new Carhartt jacket.

  6. I’m in for two each of the main patches plus 2 each of the rockers for Henchman, Long Range Shooter, Unindicted Coconspirator, Precision Rifle and Recreational Explosives

  7. Reading other posts…thinking of range bags and such…double my order, please.

  8. Two Precision Shooting, two Long Range Shooter, two Precision Rifle.

    Might just sew it on the tent?

  9. would like 2 patches with Molon Aabe
    and 2 patches with precision rifle shooter
    and 4 long range shooter rockers


  10. I put in the order today to make sure they get delivered by Boomershoot, so I can deliver them then. I ordered some extras. People who already posted or emailed me will get theirs for sure. Anyone that posts or emails before they get delivered will get priority. Impulse buyers at Boomershoot will get whatever is available.

  11. If its not too late, you can put me down for 2 of each patch, 2 Henchman and 2 Precision Rifle rockers? Thanks! T Quinn

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