Libelous rumors

It’s amazing what people will say about you and how messed up they get the facts. And it’s amazing what you can discover if you just look through your log files.

A case in point:

A commenter to one of my posts said something that piqued my interest so I went looking for their IP address in my log files. What I found shocked me. The log files lead me to the comments here. The article itself is very factually based as near I could tell. It was the comments that went off the deep end and got libelous:

Any word on if they are going to close down the training facilities Jason Hamilton received instruction at or the sporting store he bought his firearms at. I hope they don’t close down that long ranger sniper explosive shooting course that takes place near Orofino. Jason Hamilton is said to have attended that regularly with his friends.

I don’t keep a list of previous attendees but I think I would recognize a name of someone that attended more than once or twice. I don’t recall Jason Hamilton ever attending Boomershoot. I also just looked and don’t see any email addresses with an obvious connection to his name on the Boomershoot announcement list.

Ralph I think that shooting event you are referring to is called boomershoot. Its run by a guy I think is fairly well know around sandpoint, Idaho and might also have connections to Aryan nations. I heard he runs in Anti circles to throw the ATF off. He has a CD on how to make explosives, encrypt and hide messages and hit targets at long range. I believe it can be downloaded from a couple of P2P sites, but I can’t remember which. He likes to post about hitting the second amendment reset button a lot and shooting Jack Booted thugs. That whole group is being watched pretty close by several watchdogs groups like the southern poverty law center.
Wow! We lived in Sandpoint for about two years. We left Sandpoint in 1992.
If you count attending an anti-Aryan nations meeting where I saw a Reverend Butler and a few cohorts for the first and last time as “connections to Aryan nations” then I guess they got me. I’m not sure what “runs in Anti circles” means and I have been extremely forthcome and open with the ATF. I have an ATF, type 20, license to manufacture high explosives. It is my belief that we are on very good terms.
I have given out a CD to Boomershoot 2005, 2006, and 2007 participants. It includes videos of Boomershoot history, copies of the exterior ballistics program Modern Ballistics, and the recipe for Boomerite to make reactive targets. I do know how to encrypt and hide messages and I do share that technology with people and I have put that on the Boomershoot CD. Microsoft also shares technology for encryption. Encryption is an essential part of a free society. And if things get really bad, as in totalitarian regimes such as China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, etc., being able to hide your messages, encrypted or not, is also extremely important.
My post where I mention “shooting Jack Booted thugs” is entirely in the context of preventing genocide. You can see it here. Be sure and check out the pictures and see if what “Steve” says is anywhere close to the truth in regards to both Aryan Nations connections and advocating shooting “Jack Booted thugs” in U.S.’s current political environment.
If I actually had “connections” with the Aryan Nations they would be rather strained with my advocacy of gay marriage, my Jews in the Attic Test, being a founding member of the Palouse Pink Pistols, and getting positive press for teaching gays to defend themselves with firearms.
“That whole group is being watched…”? What whole group? Boomershoot is put on for the Lewiston Pistol Club by Ry and I and, for a few days out of the year, some friends and family. If the SPLC wants to watch or even participate they are quite welcome!

Just because Joe Huffman went to a few of their meetings doesn’t make him a member.

You say Joe Huffman puts on that event and he brags about training people to shoot jack booted thugs! WOW. Sounds like this Jason Hamilton took that advocacy to heart. Given what happened in Moscow I’m surprised there hasn’t been more media attention on that.

If someone thinks Hamilton, while on his murderous rampage, was engaging in activities that I advocated they are living in a fantasy land.

See for yourself:

“If it ever becomes necessary to start shooting tyrants and “jack booted thugs“ in our country I want as many people on my side as possible. And I want them to have the equipment and the skills to be able to hit head and chest sized objects many hundreds of yards away.”

Yup. I said that. And I stand beside that statement. Apparently some people have a reading comprehension problem. I said, “If it ever becomes necessary…“. And if you read the rest of the post, short of mental problems, I don’t think you can avoid understanding my definition of “necessary”. From the post itself, “…it is the prevention of those sort of genocides that is my primary motivation.
Someone needs to be more careful of the facts and of what they write and it’s not me.

7 thoughts on “Libelous rumors

  1. Psychology of the bigot. It makes them more comfortable, having no way to argue on facts or principles, to paint you as a nut and dismiss you on that basis. Its the only argument they have–Argumentum ad hominem. If they have to make things up (lie) its still far better than admitting they may be wrong.

  2. Joe,

    I was present at that speech and we discussed the content for a month afterwards. I never presented that information to anyone but my father, because I viewed it as a private conversation.

    Whatever on of these assholes who were there took it so out of context, as to be obscene.

    I think I still have the emails saved; and if you want copies, I can provide them.

    Additionally, I responded to your comments on my blog. You didn’t offend anybody. We had a great time and things just got a little loony scheduling this last year.

    Thanks and regards,

  3. The Boomershoot speech wasn’t the only instance I said that. There was the blog posting (link above) that gave more detail and background. Thanks for the offer but at this time it doesn’t matter.

  4. Joe,

    I do not encrypt but want to learn how. If the Boomershoot CD has simple, follow-the-numbers info on it, then, please, tell me how to get that CD.


  5. For most users PGP is probably the best and easiest way to encrypt your data. I need to make some changes in the info I put on the CD.

    Ignore the following techno babble unless you are a computer programmer:

    Some changes in the C/C++ runtime libary caused me to change some of the code related to encryption/steganography in Modern Ballistics over a year and a half ago ago. After those changes buffers assumed to be set to all zeros by my code was padded with non-zero data by the runtime library. Those changes broke things and I didn’t get around to fixing them until a couple weeks ago. I decided to make some more changes that improve the encryption and the ease of use before documenting the feature and releasing it to the general public. So as it stands the encryption in the current version of Modern Ballistics is completely broken in the sense it will crash if you try to encrypt or decrypt anything.

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