Straight into the bit bucket

Twice now I have tried to add a comment to Robyn Ringler’s post. In this post she hypothesizes an advertising campaign where the appearance of a gun shot victim is used to discourage gun ownership. She credits this idea to an anti-smoking campaign aimed at women:

Previous attempts on the smoking campaign, wrote the author, had not worked. Women weren’t moved by portraits of people dying of lung cancer or by campaigns about health or social problems like the fact that smoking causes bad breath and smelly hair. But the one thing women did respond to was a campaign about their looks. The fact that smoking causes wrinkles, discolors and dries skin, and ruins your appearance made a difference.

A couple days ago I made a comment and after clicking on the submitting button was given the message that the comment would have to be moderated. As of this afternoon the comment still had not appeared so I tried again. This time I kept a copy of the message to show that it wasn’t something rude or obnoxious. This time after pressing submit I didn’t even get a “moderated” message. It appears that comments from me go straight into “the bit bucket”. My comment was this:

It might backfire too. The thought process could be, “That is what will happen to the other guy if I carry a gun and someone messes with me.” The effects of smoking obviously happen to the smoker so it’s a different situation.

The comment I made a couple days ago was a sentence or two longer but otherwise was essentially the same.

I could maybe understand it if I had been leaving comments in the past which were crude, rude, or hostile, but I think these were the first attempts I have made to leave a comment on her blog. I have been rather blunt about her on my blog but on her blog I have done nothing even remotely offensive.

I guess it’s all part of Reasoned DiscourseTM.


7 thoughts on “Straight into the bit bucket

  1. Its a free world. Maybe she thinks your an ass and doesn’t want to be associated with you in anyway.

  2. It’s not a free world. It is general assumed we have freedom of speech and are free to dispose of our property as we wish in this country however. And since it’s her blog she can delete or deny access however she desires. But it is hypocritcal for her to state Robyn’s Rules (and here) on comments then not allow them when they clearly are within the guidelines set forth.

    And you, BobR, are closely related to a upcoming post of mine.

  3. People who can’t be civil and have to resort to name calling (moonbats, asshats, bigots) shouldn’t be allowed to post comments. They will be sent out the door. You might consider getting some higher education, it might do you some good.

  4. I have no problem with her deleting comments that do not fall within her guidelines, but as near as I can tell my comments were not violating her guidelines even in the slightest. In fact I thought I was being helpful with my comment because it was pointing out that such an advertising campaign might backfire on her. Had I been malicious I would have encouraged her to proceed then attempt make it fail. This would have caused her to expend the maximum amount of time and money and get the minimum amount of return on her investment. But it would be a very rare thing for me to do something like that. I am much more direct and blunt. My wife says it’s the tendency toward Aspergers I have.

    I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. What sort of higher education do you have, “BobR”? Perhaps you would like to reveal your true name and your credentials.

  5. People who can’t be civil and have to resort to name calling (moonbats, asshats, bigots) shouldn’t be allowed to post comments. They will be sent out the door. You might consider getting some higher education, it might do you some good.

    This person obviously does not believe what he writes: this does not strike me as “civil” and he seems to be calling you ignorant. But he also claims those who are not civil and who resort to name calling should not be allowed to comment! Perhaps he should follow his own advice.

    But that is not why I am commenting on this post. I have commented here a few times and I typically sign as “bob” or “bobr”; I hope to not be confused with this guy.

    @BobR: Writing things like “… your an ass …” and then telling someone he needs “some education” is a mildly amusing; at best, it could be an example of the pot calling the kettle black (not that that fits in this case). The proper phrasing would be more along the lines of “BobR, you are an ass.” And, yes, I mean that.

    @Joe: I think “Reasoned DiscourseTM” pretty well covers it. I think people like Robyn find themselves in a bit a cognitive bind: they really want to believe something that is demonstrably not correct; they have no choice but to reject the evidence. This seems to often result in an attack of some sort against the provider of the evidence — in this case the rather passive method of just pretending you didn’t really say anything. As Kevin says regarding the thought processes of such people: “The philosophy cannot be wrong! Do it again, only harder!”

    Bob Reynolds
    BSME, MSME (just so BobR won’t come back and say I need “some higher education”.)

  6. Her latest trick is to allow really offensive comments through while still deleting the majority of non-offensives. I guess she’s trying the same game as the Brady’s.

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