Larry Craig is resigning

Hot off the AP press:

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig will resign from the Senate amid a furor over his arrest and guilty plea in a police sex sting in an airport men’s room, Republican officials said Friday.

Craig will announce at a news conference in Boise Saturday morning that he will resign effective Sept. 30, four state GOP officials told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity.

It’s a significant blow to the gun rights movement at the Federal level. He is one of our strongest allies. Even if he is replaced with someone as rock solid on the issue they won’t have the seniority and hence the power Craig had.

As Sean and I were discussing at lunch today–I don’t care what he does with consenting adults in private. Hooking up in public restrooms (assuming he was doing that) is just plain stupid.


One thought on “Larry Craig is resigning

  1. Surfing around this morning I noticed several mentions that Mr. Horsley of Red’s Trading Post should run for Craig’s senate seat. I live in Oregon so I can’t vote for him, but his battle against the JBTs at ATFE makes me think well of him.

    Sushi is like sex. Is sushi disgusting? Only if you are doing it right.

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