A Thin Veneer of Respectability

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I’m sorry you feel you need an AR-15 to compensate for your tiny tadger. That’s rough.

Christina Zheng @Christilynw
Posted on X, May 30, 2024

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

I was referred to this by In Chains @InChainsInJail. Zheng then told me not to procreate. I suspect what she really meant was that she wants me dead, but even if she was just passing judgement on my fitness for parenthood, that she thinks she should be able to make a decision like that for others is very telling. Anti-gun people are tyrants with, at most, a thin veneer of respectability.


One thought on “A Thin Veneer of Respectability

  1. It occurs to me that “procreating” is insufficient. From a species/cultural continuance point of view, you’re not really keeping up with your personal part of the proverbial race if you don’t have 4.5 grandchildren that are each also likely to have 4.5 grandchildren.

    The extra .5 is just to accommodate the possibility of accidental death or unforeseen infertility before they do their part in the proverbial race.

    Also means that those that deliberately won’t procreate don’t count towards that goal. Early vasectomy, trans, gay, serial abortionist until past fertility, all patterns of behavior than mean no eventual grandkids. What’s the betting that this Zheng person, possibly having kids, is likely to have enough grandkids? Simply procreating yourself is not enough if your procreation won’t themselves procreate due to ideological upbringing. Strong correlations between the sneering anti-gunner and contra-continuance behaviors.

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