Gun Rights Politics is Not a Spectator Sport

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Gun rights politics — i.e., defending your Second Amendment — is not a spectator sport. The people determined to destroy your rights play dirty, because in their book the end justifies the means. When you are in a nasty fight, expect somebody to accuse you of hitting “below the belt.”

Your response can be a simple: “Well, I didn’t think there was anything down there I was going to hurt.”

Dave Workman
April 26, 2024
Confront The Lies (

The end justify their lies. It is part of their culture.


One thought on “Gun Rights Politics is Not a Spectator Sport

  1. Ya, if you can read the 2A, while claiming to be a government official. And then propose some kind of restriction afterward?
    Like in; I know it says “shall not be infringed” by me or anyone else in government. But I’m going to do it anyway?
    That same person might also think public kaneing, followed by being hung. Both in the town square. Is dirty and hitting below the belt.
    But hey, lawlessness breeds lawlessness, right? You get to ignore the laws you want, so can we.
    History may judge us harshly. But we know who won’t be writing it.

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