Quarterly Debt Interest Payments of $1 Trillion

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Dimon recently stated that stagflation was unavoidable for the United States. Therefore, he predicted that high inflation and unemployment would be a massive concern for the country. That is a dire statement, as the employment figures have been a stabilizing factor in the US economy amid its two-year inflation fight.

The pressure of these impending realities is only made more concerning with government spending continuing to grow. The US quarterly debt interest payment has recently surpassed the $1 trillion mark. That details the incredible global concern regarding the continued viability of the US dollar as a reserve asset.

Joshua Ramos
May 30, 2024
BRICS: JPMorgan Forecasts Unavoidable Crisis for the US Dollar (watcher.guru)

See also U.S. Reacts To BRICS De-Dollarization Agenda.

And don’t forget the country is adding $1 Trillion in Debt Every 100 Days as well.

We live in interesting times. Prepare appropriately.


4 thoughts on “Quarterly Debt Interest Payments of $1 Trillion

  1. So were borrowing counterfeit money from a government approved loan shark. To pay the vig we own to some other loan-sharks, that don’t mind excepting counterfeit money.
    All of which is for nothing more than to steal your labor and services/goods produced for ever inflating amounts.
    And all to serve an upper caste of merchants which just charges more counterfeit money to pay any taxes/expense/fines they might incur.
    Next time someone tells you economics is to complicated to explain. Say naa. It’s all about being the better thief.
    Government owes the mafia an apology.

    • As the famous bank robber Willie Sutton said once when he was invited to tour the New York Stock Exchange, “I joined the wrong mob.”

  2. Put in context, the budgeted revenue for all of FY2024 is $5.08. The actual number in FY2023 was $4.44T.

    I said before: when the federal government’s interest payments per year equal their actual revenue, they’re done. Close up shop, repudiate the debt, crash the fiat dollar, turf out all the federal employees, bar everyone involved from ever working at the public expense again, and the states can reconstitute a new federal government that might, oh, work within the limits of the US Constitution.

    Couldn’t they just increase taxes? Oh, honey, no… if they knew how to get more money out of us, within the constrains of how they think a government should work, they’d have already done it. They have found the peak of the Laffer curve through trial and mostly error. Anything they do would just bring in less real revenue, probably through increased costs to collect it.

  3. “… if they knew how to get more money out of us, within the constrains of how they think a government should work, they’d have already done it. “

    We’ll know success is imminent when IRS employees start getting hazardous duty bonuses.

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