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Today the currency is in dollars. Soon it could be in bullets. With the threat being hyper-velocity instead of hyper-inflation.

June 1, 2024
Comment to Hyper Inflation May Be Avoided.

It will take more to convince me this is plausible in the near future. But I like the wordcraft.

And I want an underground bunker in Idaho just in case.


6 thoughts on “Bullet Wordcraft

  1. “It will take more to convince me this is plausible in the near future.”
    And I pray I’m totally full of crap about it.
    China has declared “Unrestricted Warfare” on us.
    They sponsor the cartels at every turn to destroy our country, and our people/culture/laws/way of life. (They murder over a 100,000 of us a year.)
    They were busted shipping 10,000 full-auto conversions for AR-15’s into America. That was 5 years ago. How many got through since then?
    How many CCP & soldiers have come across the border in the last 4 years?
    How many terrorists are crossing the border with them? Hidden inside that division (10,000) of fighting age males that come across daily? DAILY.
    And more importantly, if it’s all so random. What’s holding them back?
    They’re sure organized in their own countries.
    Waiting for orders?
    And inflation is making dollars worthless. Think China and the cartels might want to steal real gold and silver? Real wealth that America is full of?
    And make China the worlds hegemon at the same time?
    Ya, I pray I’m totally full of crap.

      • Cause our global masters at the WEF want us dead.
        The Chinese communists are assisting, and setting themselves up to take advantage of all the new territory after the fact?
        Be a lot easier if we ain’t here to fight them. Or like the Afgan special forces. We just run out of ammo. And no re-supply.
        We should also keep in mind these commies ain’t getting any younger. They want their name tacked on all this like Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. Now Xi.
        They’re psychotic megalomaniacs. They want it now.

  2. They intend us all to die. That’s become abundantly clear in the last few years. Not an exageration.
    With stakes this high, there *will* be commensurate “push back”, of the same “existential” calibre. If this is not convincing, then you must believe the masses are purely nihilistic. Ok, that’s arguable, but there are *substancial* “traditionalists” who have been laying low as the “price of peace”. As they take measure of the actual stakes: that the peace their tolerance buys them is the RIP kind… a Kipling breaker is going to throw. It will not quickly abate. Even your bunker is a stop-gap. You *will* be involved in the melee, the only choice is dealer or recipient.

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