Liberals Use Insults

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I’m also a liberal gun owner. You know the difference, right? Liberals don’t need guns to swing around because they are penile deficient.

3 Calls A Day @3callsaday
Posted on X, June 8, 2024

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

The difference is liberals attempt to use insults to win arguments.


6 thoughts on “Liberals Use Insults

  1. The way I parsed that comment is “liberals are penile deficient”. 🙂

    • Same.

      I interpreted it as, “Liberals are penile deficient, so they don’t need guns to swing around.”

      Or in other words, “Guns are only for big boys with big packages.” 😀

    • That is my reading too.
      No mention of the reasons liberals own guns in addition to the reason he mind-reads into the pants of non-liberal gun owners who he believes also suffer from his malady.

      I suspect it’s some form of “only me and not thee” elitism common with elitist authoritarian viewpoints common on the left.

  2. “I’m also a liberal gun owner.”
    Until the government wants it back, right?
    You’re really just a gun holder.
    Cannibal season is coming. You can explain your penis/gun theories in detail, I’m sure they will be all ears.

  3. It’s been fifty years since I needed to parse a sentence. Is 3-Call guilty of using a dangling participle, or has he misplaced his modifier?
    At least he hasn’t made the claim that he is safe from criminal activity thanks to his noodly appendage and the skill with which he can wield it.

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