Finland Goes Pro-Gun For Private Citizens

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In the heart of Europe’s icy north, Finland is quietly revolutionizing its national defense strategy by dramatically increasing its number of shooting ranges. With over 300 new ranges set to open, the country is turning marksmanship into a national sport, hoping to engage the populace in an unprecedented way.

Amidst rising geopolitical tensions and historical conflicts, this initiative not only enhances Finland’s military preparedness but also deepens its cultural commitment to resilience and self-reliance. This bold move aims to fortify the nation from within, transforming every citizen into a potential defender of their storied homeland.

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April 19, 2024
Finland’s Daring Pro-Gun Policy is Taking the World by Storm (


I would rather they would let the free market do its magic, but it is a good start to changing their culture. And, as hinted at in the story this is thought of as an investment in their national defense.

See also the similar story,  Finland’s Bold New Firearm Policy Sets Global Standard (


6 thoughts on “Finland Goes Pro-Gun For Private Citizens

  1. Those articles are remarkedly uninformative. I know it is Finland but still.

    • I suspect the problem is the outlet (the far left MSN) rather than the subject.
      This is an interesting development. I guess they have learned from the Swiss.

  2. More guns is always a good thing. And Simo Hayha is definitely a hero of mine. But, Finland’s problem is the same one everyone else in the west.
    You can’t promote invasion from within. Then complain that the Russians are coming.
    The people that truly are something to worry about, you might need to use a gun on? Like imported/domestic rapists?
    You go to jail for using a gun on.
    Good luck to them non-the-less.

  3. Finland opening hundreds of shooting ranges “deepens its cultural commitment to resilience and self-reliance”?

    What does that say about governments at all levels in America closing shooting ranges?

  4. Anyone paying attention to Russia’s/Putin’s effort to reestablish the USSR via conquest would do well to prepare for conflict.

  5. Seems like those closest to real war are taking matters seriously. Sweden is now promoting, with government approbation, the practice of what we have come to know as prepping. When I was there some 50 years ago, prepping activities would land you in jail for “hoarding” even though there were no shortages. Just a socialistic way of keeping more control. Times have changed there and saner minds are prevailing while we are headed for the septic tank.

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