7 thoughts on “It is Not a Gun Problem

  1. Wish there was a source reference. Seems a little too convenient a statistic (97% on both sides?). I’m betting it’s made up. I mean, if it’s true, great, but I believe very little of what passes through the internet sewer these days unless backed up with data.

  2. I contend the violence problem in the blue areas exists, but there are LOTS of armed peaceable citizens like myself in Kommiecticut living behind enemy lines in blue states with guns…. lots of guns.

    And ammo measured in cubic feet, not number of rounds.

  3. Expect folks to discount this by saying: “Duh, that’s where 97% of the population is. No kidding that’s where 97% of gun violence is”. But they will be missing the point. The graphic isn’t saying it’s not a population problem, just that it’s not a gun problem.

  4. Sometimes I think 97% of all the guns are in my & my friends’ and coworkers’ basements.

    It’s not true, of course, it just seems that way sometimes.

  5. A good illustration. But wildly off as most of the high self-esteem, low-impulse control, drug infested human clusters in no way inhabit that much territory. Growing as they are, they still ain’t that big.
    80% of Detroit is still going right along. It’s those 20% percent neighborhoods that even the police avoid that are where the problems politicians call “Gun Violence” lay.
    We don’t have a gun problem.
    We have a defensive mindset problem.
    We refuse to defend ourselves by going in and taking out the trash.
    There is a reason ancient man put peoples heads on pikes at the boundaries of their homelands.
    We’re going to learn that hard lesson again, or die off as a people.

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