Those Who Would Outlaw Weapons

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Those who would outlaw weapons must first outlaw the knowledge of weapons. And those who would outlaw the knowledge of weapons must outlaw knowledge itself.
         Similarly, civilization consists of more than just impressive public buildings and a battery of arbitrary rules. Its continued existence depends absolutely on the day-to-day good will of each and every individual. History (especially recent Soviet history) proves that this good will depends on how well individual rights are respected. Alienate the individual, lose his good will, and you lose civilization itself.
         Think I exaggerate? Take another look at Beirut, Los Angeles, or the World Trade Center.
         Every day we learn again how dependent we’ve been all along on individual self-restraint. Self-styled liberals label this lesson “terrorism” because it makes them feel better and helps them to forget until tomorrow. But it doesn’t matter what they call it. In sufficient numbers, disaffected individuals become armies of chaos, reducing whole civilizations to archaeological rubble. And, as with most violence in our culture, it is self-styled liberals who will make it happen here.

L. Neil Smith
Armies of Chaos (


One thought on “Those Who Would Outlaw Weapons

  1. Yep, they been hard at that “dumbing down”, crap for a while now. It works. But not the degree they had envisioned, methinks.
    It seems in America the communists have taken somewhat of a different tact. In trying to emasculate anyone that could use them.
    Starting with not being allowed to defend yourself from kindergarten to downtown subways, thru Markley’s Monday shame sessions. And scary open carry freak-outs. Then every form of asinine law any moron could dream up being brought to bear through crap-think the dimensions of which cannot be measured.
    Drugs and training you to release your natural aggression through video games and porno, real/mental masturbation.
    Only to end with, well then, BFYTW. Ur shit ain’t work’in, ain’t given’em up.
    But yes. In Japan Guns and Ammo magazine wasn’t allowed to show a gun on the cover.
    And as Mr. Smith alludes, civilization requires constant maintenance. Or it goes to pot in a hurry.
    To me it seems more about real estate. As the economy and people of a place like California collapse and are emptied out through policy/force.
    The Chinese will have gotten the place for a song and dance. (Didn’t Gavin just go over to China to give Xi the keys and a blowjob not too long ago?)

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