Traveling in Alternate Timelines

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The reason that liberals think that you’re a Nazi is because they live in a universe constructed solely of CNN stories. Their universe contains an entirely different timeline, like one of those science fiction shows in which somebody goes back in time and changes something important. In their universe, the BLM riots were completely peaceful. None of the people who ran BLM took the money and ran. George Floyd neither attacked the cops nor died of a self-administered overdose. Trump mocked a disabled person, told everybody to drink bleach, gave a fiery, Hitler-style speech in which he exhorted white-supremacist minions carrying Nazi flags to literally attack Congress, etc. You’re not going to break through to them, because they really believe this stuff, with the intensity of a religious fanatic who won’t change his mind even if he sees videos demonstrating that he’s wrong. Your best bet is to treat them like schizophrenics who have hallucinated an entirely different world into existence.

Insomnus (@nighttimemedia)
Posted on X, March 4, 2024


There are numerous other hallucinations and/or hoaxes they also believe. The human brain is an amazing thing.

The political right is not without its share of wacko beliefs, but the left certainly seems to go farther afield in their alternate timelines.

Prepare and respond appropriately.


6 thoughts on “Traveling in Alternate Timelines

  1. All humans do this. It’s part of life. And that’s why it’s so easy for the communists to program young people into shit-think that lasts a lifetime.
    It also provides those that can figuratively pull their head out of their ass. To end up the one-eyed man in the world of the blind.
    Or more likely with Cassandra’s syndrome?
    Non the less it is a bottomless pit that ends in hell on earth if allowed free rein. As in. “Let’s bring the militant Haitian cannibals to America, and the American dirt will make them all better!”
    Alt-world fantasies? Everybody got’em. Some got’em a lot worse than others.
    I otta know. I’m a Christian.
    And believe this world isn’t much more than a sim-game that trains us to recognize, avoid, and fight evil. Or join it. Cause were all stuck inside the parameters of the game, right?
    We all have to die to get out of here, and the big guy knows every move we make and runs the score card. Talk about f–k’in crazy!
    Is it totally hypocritical for me to call communist delusional? Ya, but that’s OK, cause communist delusions are insane.

  2. Ms. AI-Generated Time-line Traveler appears to be holding the newspaper in an impossible fashion. At least she seems to have the correct number of fingers for this reality.

  3. This isn’t complicated. Leftists are mentally ill. It’s that simple. And back before the insanity was allowed to spread they were locked away for the good of themselves AND society.

  4. The appropriate preparation is separation. If political separation can’t be accomplished in the short run, go for physical separation. Get out of the cities, now.

  5. I’m pretty darn certain that neither Mussolini, nor Hitler, nor Franco, nor anyone else who practiced or praised any flavor of Fascism ever argued that government should be limited by a written constitution to specific enumerated powers. To borrow from Wikipedia: “citation needed.”

    Yet they claim American Constitutionalists are Nazis.

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