If it Has Never Happened, Will it Ever Happen?

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There is currently much debate about the health of financial markets. Can prices remain detached from the fundamentals long enough for the economic/earnings recession to catch up with prices?

Maybe. It has just never happened.

Lance Roberts
January 30, 2024
“Theory Of Reflexivity” And Does It Matter? – RIA (realinvestmentadvice.com)

Prepare appropriately.


2 thoughts on “If it Has Never Happened, Will it Ever Happen?

  1. “There is currently much debate about the health of financial markets.” Yes, and the major problem is that there is a financial market.
    Why work and do something constructive? When you can just run paper digits around in a circle hard enough no one can see your skim. Then buy labor and goods with thin air.
    Supply and demand is the law of commerce and most civilization. Financial markets are mostly a wedge for lazy people to get in on the dinner line without working for anything.
    And debt is their stock and trade. Which always pulls production forward. Only a small portion of which supply and demand will allow.
    2008 housing crunch was a classic example. We supplied housing on a faults demand for the sake of the financial markets.
    Then we created inflationary debt to bail them out. Now we pay that inflation in costs on everything, (as money creation always lands on prices of real demand), plus taxes and interest on it. Which we have to borrow to pay.
    So the answer is no. As long as you run a debt-based market you can never return to normal.
    You might somehow get used to it. But that new normal will always include a parasitic class that sucks it’s host to death and starts war to cover it up. Then gets the next generation brainwashed to except the lies.
    Go look up Rolf’s GAB feed. Scroll down till you find the pianist playing, “Fake and Gay”. Thats your financial market in a nut shell.
    It’s all money, power, control. Use any two to get the third.
    Cover your crimes with bullshit. And try to have a chair reserved when the music stops.
    “Healthy financial market”, is an oxymoron.

  2. History says what has been happening economically always ends up disastrously.
    No reason to believe it will be any different this time.

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