Happy Anniversary!

On February 3, 2004 I made my first blog post.

No introduction. No outline of my intended topics. No mention of what my intended audience. No mention of my intended goals. Just the facts on another lie from the anti-gun crowd.

It is as it was, and was twenty years before that, and probably will be as long as there are evil people who want disarmed victims. They will always be lying to achieve their evil ends. There will never be an end to material to blog about on my primary topic.

Twenty years, 15,898 blog posts, and 78,408 comments later we are here. Along the way I had help from Defens, Lyle, Mike, Stephanie, and Rolf. I really appreciated the extra perspectives and posts.

But most important has to be all the visitors. There have been over 4.2 million visits to my blog. I could not have imagined there would ever be that many people visit that many times. That is amazing.

Thank you everyone. You make it worth my while.


11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations! I look forward to your posts every day. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  2. Love the Boomershoot photos. Maybe video this year so we can have audio. Visit every day.
    Idaho Bob

  3. Thanks for all you do Joe! The things you are doing is what makes America one of the best places on earth.
    Thanks again, buddy.

  4. Congratulations on twenty years of an awesome site.

    It seems that relatively short posts, mainly links with comment added, are the key to a long lasting blog. Instapundit is the same way.

    I wish we had had the blogosphere in the 1990s, when the crucial 2A battles were being fought. Not because we needed it–obviously we didn’t, since we won–but because I’m a history nerd and I would like to have more records. As it was, most of the sites back then are gone now. It would be nice to have some of the posts back then resurrected just to show how far we have come.

    Example: the Smith and Wesson boycott. It amazed me just how quickly that was flushed down the memory hole. I’m guessing that the GOPe didn’t want to highlight the value of millions of people acting independently toward a common, noble goal, and instead opted for the “George W. Bush saved the Second Amendment” myth.

  5. Congratulations on twenty years I hit this and Tam’s site first thing every morning. Keep up the good work and thanks for the effort.

  6. Salute!

    Thanks for offering a platform to help launch my book along the way.
    God moves in mysterious ways.

    Here’s to another decade, at least.

  7. We need more grass roots, reasonable voices getting the truth out about our 2nd amendment and how the totalitarians continue to oppose it and scheme to oppress our Natural Rights. Please keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks for the 20 years – I actually remember your first post because I had bought into the lies of the anti gun folks when it came to background check storage. It was very eye opening for me and caused me to consume news with a far different lens than previously.

  9. Congratulations, Joe! Very glad to have been a part of it all. And thanks to you and Boomershoot, I gained new appreciation and skill for long range marksmanship.

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