Gun Rights Activists Sleep Well

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I sleep fine at night because I know peaceable people are not responsible for the crimes of a few monsters, and they just want to preserve their rights guaranteed by the constitution.

I also sleep fine because I know that even though we’ve had guns in the US for our entire history, including repeating arms for well over 150 years, regular mass shootings are only a phenomenon of the last 20 years or so. They happened infrequently or even not at all before Columbine, even though gun laws were far looser and background checks weren’t even a thing for most of our history.

Kostas Moros @MorosKostas
Posted on X March 27, 2023

This was in response to David Hogg claiming to “wonder how the lawyers, employees and lobbyists of the gun lobby can sleep at night.”

There is a lot more to Moros’ response. It’s worth a read.

I sleep at night from knowing genocide is disabled by widespread gun ownership and that same widespread ownership saves far more innocent lives than are criminals enabled to commit murder.

A woman soundly sleeping with her holstered self defense handgun on the nightstand beside her.


2 thoughts on “Gun Rights Activists Sleep Well

  1. His answer should have been, Hogg, you know your a commie bitch, right?
    I mean everyone else does.
    Your the Dylan Mulvaney of gun control. Anyone listening to what you say is to ignorant to have an opinion.
    Do yourself a favor. Move to Europe. They’re in desperate need of more whiny white communists.
    Maybe you and Greta could hook-up? You two would be a really cute couple, hanging out with Taylor Swift and the rest of the single ply crowd.
    Never answer people like Hogg. And if one does? Never with quite facts. Responding to their rhetoric with an informed answer will only invite more of the stupid.
    Hogg don’t give two dead flies about how anyone sleeps. And facts definitely aren’t his strong suit. And he definitely wasn’t talking to us. He was trying to score points with his friends for more money/relevance.
    Answers must always be painful. It’s the only thing communists understand.
    Communists are never going to be our friends or listen to a reasoned argument. Us thinking they will is why they are able to kill as many as they have.
    They’re our enemy and want us dead. Treat them like it.

  2. As the saying goes:
    When the people are armed, there will be tragedies. When the people are disarmed, there will be genocides.

    I don’t know who said it first, but it’s very true.

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