You Are a Pre-Criminal

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All criminals start off as non-criminals. But if they do break the law in respect to gun use they THEN become criminals. So even non-criminals can be a problem. You should know this!

Paige Kristinson (@SquirlyGirll)
Tweeted on December 11, 2022

This is what they think of you. You are a pre-criminal and “can be a problem”.

The real problem is people like her who have no respect for civil rights. Perhaps she should consider the consequence of people like her being treated as civil rights infringers before they have actually infringed upon the civil rights of others.


7 thoughts on “You Are a Pre-Criminal

  1. Replace “gun” with any other inanimate object, and you can see how ridiculous — and dangerous — this line of thinking can be.

    I bet even Ms. Kristinson is a pre-criminal under many/most of them. She obviously uses an Internet-connected computer, so it’s a very small step for her to start distributing illicit photos of children. She’s not just a pre-criminal; she’s a pre-S3X-criminal!

    And according to her own argument, she obviously needs to be treated as such — including having to register as a pre-s3x-offender and being excluded from a bunch of career paths and living situations — starting now.

  2. To democrats and the far left EVERY gun owner is a pre mass murder. EVERY gun owner is an evil horrible racist monster ready to go to a school and murder children simply by owning a gun because in their mind the chances of a gun owner going on s spree killing is literally 100%. No exceptions. This is how their minds work. The concept of a stable gun law abiding gun owner That will never kill another person unless it’s in self-defense does not exist to them. And it if you don’t have the same opinion you are just as bad, supporting and enabling it. I’m pretty sure a lot of it is projection.

    To them the extermination of entire population of the United States that owns guns is not a bad thing because They are not exterminating almost half the country they are saving the vast majority of the population. Never mind new polling shows 52% of households have guns. And it’s not because of recent events, it’s because people are much more comfortable telling you. It’s always been a high; People were just less likely to admit it.

  3. Was it comrade Lenin or Stalin? Maybe one of their minions that said. “Show me the man, and I will show you the crime.”
    In communism it not the act that is the crime. It’s if you as a person are willing to point out the ignorance/hypocrisy of the communist system that is a crime.
    “Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”
    And that includes your very thoughts.
    So, back to the question; Am I a pre-criminal? Ab-sol-frickin-lutely! Proud of the fact, in your face, well armed, BFYTW, and forever happy to be considered a criminal by a bunch of commie bitches.

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