Replacement for Western Civilization

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Western civilization has produced some of the most stunning scientific, technological, social, and cultural breakthroughs in human history. If you consider yourself “liberal” or even “progressive,” it must surely be clear by now that America and her allies are the only places in the world where your values are even considered values. If our civilization is allowed to collapse, it will not be replaced by a progressive utopia. It will be replaced by chaos and barbarism.

Konstantin Kisin
October 22, 2023
The Day the Delusions Died

I’m not sure the death of the delusions came soon enough. I want an underground bunker in Idaho.


10 thoughts on “Replacement for Western Civilization

  1. It’s not like the West and especially the Anglosphere are rule of law places any more. Better than N. Korea but not what they used to be either.

  2. Only Western civilization will assert that no civilization is better than any other.

  3. Since when were liberal/progressive ideas/values that of western civilization? That was the lie created and used by the communists to usher in the/that same chaos and barbarism. (F–k’in Yuri Bezmenov there Konstantine????)
    The real problem is that people like Konstantine refuse to look at those same liberals and progressives for the murdering thugs they are.
    They lie. And the only truth you get out of them is a smattering to cover the lies.
    How could anyone believe abortion is anything but barbarism? A liberal/progressive. Thats who. They were cutting babies heads off long before Hamas was a twinkle in some muslims eye.
    Who in their right mind thinks people can be equal in any other place than under written law? And then only when acted upon as such.
    This f–k’in list could go 10 pages.
    Liberal/progressives ideas/values are responsible FOR the destruction of the west.
    Want to fix your community? Get rid of the liberal/progressives in town and let people be people. Most crap works itself out in short order.
    Same-same for state and federal governments.
    F–k I hate useful idiots almost as much as the communist liberal progressives do.

    • “Since when were liberal/progressive ideas/values that of western civilization?” Western civilization made those ideas possible. Konstantin wasn’t claiming that the West is liberal or progressive, but that liberals and progressives anywhere owe their existence to the West, from the beginning and possibly, God forbid, at its end.

      Every philosophy carries within it, if carried out to full extent, the seeds of its own destruction.

      • “If you consider yourself “liberal” or even “progressive,” it must surely be clear by now that America and her allies are the only places in the world where your values are even considered values.”
        Did I read that wrong? No one in their right mind would consider what’s going on in this country as a value.
        Liberal/progressive values are death and destruction. Matters not what or how they consider themselves. Their fruit destroys everything they touch.
        From the war on poverty, to decriminalizing drugs. Abortion. Appeasement rather than principle.
        And if no one else in the world considers them values, why should America?
        Western civilization made them possible. Cause were way to nice to criminals.

  4. The Long March is complete and the Marxist WAR of all against all is coming.
    Internal quisling traitors who do not serve America have let in massive Trojan horse armies soon to be activated.
    There is some time left to prepare mentally, physically, material.

  5. It has always struck me as extremely strange for leftists, of any stripe, to advocate for the demise of Western Civilization, in whole or in part, in the desire to replace it with “whatever it is they consider better.”

    That seems a rather myopic and severely unaware position offering consequences they have not considered, the classic example being the college-student signage proclaiming “LGBTQs for Palestine.”

    I’ve noticed that even undomesticated cats will learn from observing each other and modify behavior to their advantage; I am at a loss to understand why voting age humans cannot master the same thing.

    I suspect we are getting closer to the daily commute resembling a 3-Gun stage than we would like.

    • The Marxist “reality” is that of constant revolution against the current system, and whatever replaces it will become the “current system” that must be attacked, until a perfectly level equal state is achieved. Yes, they actually think that maximum entropy and chaos will be a “good sort of” energy state. They seek ultimate chaos.

      Interesting, the language used in Genesis for the creation of the world, it can be accurately translated as being formed from the existing raw but totally chaotic and random stuff of existence rather than ex nihilo. The random chaos and destruction of Marxism is all but indistinguishable from that of Satanism in aiming to tear down civilization. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, civilization’s enemies do, and they HATE Him.

      The last thousand years of Western Civilization has been forged from three things: the Greco-Roman legacy, Christianity, and the Germanic tribal customs and peoples. It cannot survive without all three, nor duplicated elsewhere without them. They are re-writing history to erase the GR achievements, replacing the Germanic peoples and culture with immigrants and multiculturalism, and stamping out Christianity with glee. What’s left won’t be pretty if they succeed with any one of those three things.

      Prepare accordingly.

  6. “If you consider yourself “liberal” or even “progressive,” it must surely be clear by now that America and her allies are the only places in the world where your values are even considered values.”

    That would seem to be an obvious deduction, but they believe that (A) every culture is unique and should be appreciated for it; and (B) everyone around the world thinks EXACTLY like they do.

    Logic isn’t the Left’s strong suit.

    • Like Rolf said above. They don’t believe in our culture. And only work toward replacing it.
      And none of them truly want to live in the muslim one. So, it must all be about replacement I’m guessing?

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