Lack of Arrests Due to Lack Of Gun Control

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Late Thursday, a gunfight broke out in a parking garage by Philadelphia International Airport when, according to police, a pair of officers saw a group of people trying to break into a car. One officer was killed — a 50-year-old father — and another was injured.

No one has been arrested in connection with the killing, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department told Insider.

In a statement, Krasner, a progressive Democrat, blamed the lack of arrests on state and federal gun laws.

Charles R. Davis
October 13, 2023
A Philadelphia police officer is dead and thanks to ‘gun-crazy’ politicians his killer is on the loose, DA says

Larry Krasner is the District Attorney of Philadelphia. He blamed the 2nd Amendment for the lack of an arrest. Does he also blame the 5th Amendment for the lack of convictions? It would be a lot easier to get confessions if people could be interrogated without an attorney present. And just imagine how many convictions they could get if the entire Bill of Rights were disposed of and torture was allowed and it was illegal to complain about it.

Gun control isn’t about safety. It is about control.


4 thoughts on “Lack of Arrests Due to Lack Of Gun Control

  1. Personally, I would blame the lack of dead thieves as the cause of the dead cop.

    I don’t know any details of the case, but I do know four near absolutes:

    The dept won’t hire people who are experienced and competent shooters (can’t have gun friendly cops on a Blue city force, don’tcha know),

    the dept doesn’t have the budget to provide ammo and training to get the cops to a competent level,

    the cops won’t train on their own dime or time (not gun friendly, remember?),

    and the cops aren’t smart enough to figure out that being really good with guns is a safety feature for them (partly due to deliberately hiring lower IQ cops, I suspect).

    Remember, the best hit percentages of cops in the nation is 25%, the national rate is 15%. That is a hit ANYWHERE on a BG’s body. A little toe scratch qualifies for this ranking! They might as well go back to 6-shot revolvers. Might help improve things. If nothing else, less flying lead to hazard the citizens.

  2. Yaaaa, that’s what passes for a superhuman intelligence of a DA?
    400 years of American jurisprudence and Staford law got the people of Philly this? Someone so ignorant they can’t understand the term, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.? And understand how it’s truly a blessing on society?
    How well Jesus said. “Let the blind lead the blind, and they will both fall in a ditch.”
    When you let people that willfully ignorant run your system? It’s going to burn. By their own hand, or gods. But burn it will.
    All one can do is build a bunker in Idaho and pray.

  3. A brother of mine just happened to send me this a couple of days ago. The comments above about hit percentages is readily understood. However, what is less well understood is what that percentage translates to in terms of how many shots must be taken to get a 95% probability of ONE shot making a hit on the bad guy. The link below explains that pretty well and helps bring clarity as to why shootouts have so much lead flying through the air. The more sobering thing about all this is that none of it takes into account the effect that adrenaline and fear have on the target range percentage of hits that is usually applied to the formula to get these probability percentages. Real life shooting is far and away more dynamic than anyone cares to admit but refusing to recognize it and not train for it does not make it go away. You just get more of the crap like this one and the Gun Control Fanatics just get more unhinged.

    • BTW, those hit percentages are derived from ACTUAL REAL LIFE INCIDENTS. If a cop fires his/her gun intentionally, it is counted. Some of the odd things about it is shooting animals counts. Suicide counts. That toe hit incident? IIRC, that was a bank shootout in SF. Bunch of cops shooting at a robber standing at the other end of of the banking area/lobby. 100+ shots, the back wall looked like a shooting gallery, and the robber was hit in a toe, which caused him to quit. I don’t recall if he was doing any shooting.
      CHP is the 25% rating, and has maintained that rank for decades. One advantage they have is they are mandated to go to the range EVERY MONTH. They lose their patrol accreditation if they don’t hit the range, and they normally wait until the end of the month. There can be times when there may not be any units patrolling an area since they are all at the range due to it being put off until they are forced to go.

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