So Many Lies in so Few Words

Quote of the Day

Gun violence is the leading cause of death for kids in the United States. Ending that should be bipartisan. … We should stand on the right side of history.

Anthony Portantino
California state Senator. (D-Burbank)
September 7, 2023
California Democrats approve new taxes on gun and ammunition dealers and manufacturers

I sometimes admire the ability of anti-gun people to pack so many lies into so few words. It takes me far more words to expose his lies than for him to express them:

  • The only way the claimed statistic is true is if they deceptively redefine 17 year-old’s as “kids”.
  • The 11% tax on all guns and ammunition cannot possibly reduce the gang violence which results in the death of the young thugs.
  • Bipartisan support cannot be expected when the legislation is clearly unconstitutional and cannot achieve the stated goals.
  • The trend now, and into the foreseeable future, is for laws like this to be struck down. The “right side of history” is more likely to be senator Portantino enjoying his trial than for laws like this to persist.

4 thoughts on “So Many Lies in so Few Words

    • For the governor;
      “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
      Wonder what she would think about her right to trial being suspended? Since she told uniformed goons they are allow to stop, steal from, and kidnap people she doesn’t like, for no legal reason at all.
      Reciprocity only seems natural.
      And for the enforcement wing of the New Mexico state police;
      “The New Mexico Governor signed a law in 2021 eliminating qualified immunity for police officers.”
      Rut row.
      Carl Denninger over at the Market Ticker, has a good write-up on the latest communist drama in New Mexico.
      Is anyone truly surprised though?

  1. Only 11%? (He must be a shy communist? Of course they can always rise it later.) But this is exactly why congresses power to tax was “amended”, under the 2A.
    Our forefathers were well aware that politicians in any century would lay taxes on anything they weren’t expressly forbidden to.
    The court has called our firearms ownership a right (only took them 200 years, but better late than never.), now it’s time to start calling out the infringements. And naming them as such.
    The absoluteness of were calling for under 2A shouldn’t be a hard concept for the communist left to understand and swallow. As they made up out of whole cloth some phantom right to murder one’s children through abortion. And called it constitutional.
    A concept completely unwritten in our constitution. How much less the written law of 2A?
    Especially if one is claiming to save children from murders? Can we even discuss an 11% tax on abortion and child mutalation?

  2. The courts may continue to strike down these unconstitutional laws…for a time. But since the left now thoroughly controls the electoral process eventually ALL these judges who rule against their violations WILL be replaced with tractable ones who will rule the way the left TELLS them to rule. Our Rights are not dead…yet. But as long as the left controls the electoral process their demise is imminent and inevitable. TINVOWOOT

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