Those Who Insist on Being Equal

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Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.

Friedrich Nietzsche

This is as true today as it was 130+ years ago.


5 thoughts on “Those Who Insist on Being Equal

  1. I insist upon equal protection before the law, not because I am the equal of any other person to you point to, but because government cannot be trusted with the discretion.

    • Spot on, Tirno! And would add anyone with half a brain toward the maintenance of society would understand that.
      No one in power wants equality. And for the masses it’s just communist crap-talk/think.
      Never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

      • No one in power wants equality.

        And no one who is truly committed to equality wants power.

        Kinda says a lot about people who seek power, doesn’t it?

        Never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

        True, and it’s been tried by multiple disparate ideologies, under multiple conditions, both long- and short-term. If one looked at it objectively and scientifically — i.e. using the Scientific Method — one would conclude it’s a system that fails at its stated purpose; the base hypothesis is fundamentally incorrect and cannot be fixed or finagled into correctness.

        So of course the people pushing for it are the same ones who scream “The Science is Settled!!!” regarding “climate change” and the COVID response.

  2. I remember saying, about thirty years ago, that there is a difference between saying “You are my equal”, and “I am your equal.” It is distressing that people don’t recognize the first pulls someone up to you and the second pulls them down to you. The second is perilously close to the jealousy and envy of the Leftists who, on foot, see a man in an expensive car, who says to himself, “I’ll have him out of that car.”

    • “who says to himself, I’ll have him out of that car.”
      It’s also when we find out if there is such a thing as equality in arms carry. If one is faster than the other. If 45 and 9mm are truly equal in stopping power.
      No matter, Communist ideology always ends badly.

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