It is For the Children

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I have grandkids now, and they both have bulletproof backpacks to go to school. I really feel stricter gun laws and the banning of assault weapons needs to happen. It’s our children.

If you really believe in gun laws, vote. So we can get people in to make laws to save our children.

Gina Suits
August 24, 2023
GOP support for gun restrictions slips a year after Congress passed firearms law

It has been a while since I heard, “It’s for the children.” Perhaps they ran out of things to try and are recycling their excuses for gun control.

I oppose gun laws for the sake of my children and grandchildren. I also urge you to vote. And send money to organizations like the FPC and SAF who are making a difference in the courts.

Long term we need to change the culture. So take a newbie to the gun range and teach them to shoot. Every little bit helps.


8 thoughts on “It is For the Children

    • Indeed. They don’t see that “bulletproof backpacks” would be affected, too; since one of the intended purposes is to flip the backpack around to the front to protect the chest/torso area, legally, it’s “body armor”.

      It’s also large, heavy, and unwieldy for a child, and super-expensive. IMO, it’s more a novelty item than a usable defensive tool.

  1. Well, then end abortion and we can talk. I will even keep it simple and use illustration when possible. M’k? (Raised middle finger.)
    Till then, BFYTW.
    Besides, your kids are fine, beings their in a gun free zone. With ballistic backpacks. Right?

  2. Drag Queen Story Hour.
    They do it for the children.

    Words have meaning. Sometimes same words, different meaning.

  3. People who inflict “bullet proof backpacks” on their children aren’t showing much of a functional brain.

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