Proud of Being an Effective Liar

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Proud to have had a hand in getting CMT to reject this racist and violent song…

Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts
Tweeted on July 18, 2023

As a side note, she has blocked my primary Twitter account. I had to use a different account to copy the quote.

The song is neither racist or criminally violent. But Watts has never been known for her adherence to the facts. That she is proud of it demonstrates she is proud of her work as a professional liar.


6 thoughts on “Proud of Being an Effective Liar

  1. Jason Aldean himself responded to the criticisms about the song and video. There are several points to unwrap.

    For one, the lyrics never mention race, politics, or violence (except as examples of what NOT to do). For another, all the footage used of riots are actual, real-life news clips (maybe the news media is racist for airing it in the first place?). For yet another, the song is not about responding violently to riots or “mostly peaceful protests”; it’s about how in small towns, people come together and support each other instead of tearing each other down.

    But then again, according to the Woke philosophy, Jason Aldean is a white guy — even worse, he’s a straight, white, male, conservative, small-town Southerner — so he doesn’t need to have done or said anything; he deserves to be cancelled on principle.

  2. There is nothing in this song that is even remotely racist. Being tagged by Marxist drones like Watts should be seen as a badge of honor.

    These Marxists are using Alinsky’s rules to “freeze the target.” They seek to sow fear. Don’t let them: That is what the song is about, and that is what scares them.

    BTW, thanks Joe, for always standing strong.

    • Spot on, Graydog. What scares them. The last thing they want is their communist buddies to see pickle their being put in.
      Small town America is a real problem for them.
      I’m just glad to see woke come out of the closet.

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