Try That in a Small Town

So according to the big town folks this is a racist song:

As Tennessee lawmakers, we have an obligation to condemn Jason Aldean’s heinous song calling for racist violence.

Justin Jones
State Rep. Democrat
July 19, 2023
Jason Aldean’s ‘Try This in a Small Town’ is shameful. Naturally, it’s the right’s song of the summer

By lyrically and visually equating meaningful rallies condemning police brutality to violent crime, Aldean is shamelessly touting how much he—and this country, quite frankly—devalues Black life.

Candace McDuffie
July 19, 2023
Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Is the Racist Anthem White Folks Have Been Waiting For

My take on it is that it is only racist if you believe violent crime is almost exclusively the domain of the targets of the racism. I suppose Jones and others could be right about that. I just know that twice as many people in prison identify as Democrats as all other political affiliations combined.

Hence, my take on Jones opposition to the song is that it is not really about racism and he knows it. He is opposed to the song because it expresses opposition to the people who vote for him.


3 thoughts on “Try That in a Small Town

  1. Three plus decades of gangsta rap on the airwaves denigrating women and calling them foul names, glorifying racism, drug use, murder and organized gang violence. What does the Congress weasel have to say about that? Hmmmm. Methinks someone is trying to stir up their voting block. But only Democrats / Socialists are allowed to do that. If they want to encourage tribalism and a schism in our Nation that is treasonous and a fools errand. I doubt they’ll be happy with the end result. We have the most tolerant colorblind society the world has ever seen, but I guess there’s not enough graft and opportunity to further encroach on our God given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights by just obeying the law and practicing the Golden rule. Fuck all these hypocrites in the media and politics. It’s past time for them to reap the whirlwind

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  3. There is nothing in this song that is even remotely racist. Being tagged by Marxist drones like these two should be worn as a badge of honor.

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