Entitlements are not Civil Rights

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In the face of multiple Supreme Court losses, including the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the blocking of Biden’s student loan relief program and the end of affirmative action on college campuses. All these court decisions really amount to is a reversal of entitlements that never should have existed in the first place. Leftists see such entitlements as “civil rights,” never mind that they exist as a means to take the rights of others.

Tyler Durden
July 1, 2023
Democrat Rep. Has Psychotic Meltdown – Calls Supreme Court “Illegitimate White Patriarchy”

I have nothing to add.


7 thoughts on “Entitlements are not Civil Rights

  1. Government, like any other entity, does not have the right to grant title to what it does not own, nor to abrogate contracts to which both parties willingly entered.

    The latter is the case with student loans. They were granted with both sides understanding that they could not be discharged through bankruptcy nor relief by fiat.

    And, yes, happy successful insurrection/revolution day.


    • That’s always been my issue with “student loan forgiveness” plans.

      Students (myself included) voluntarily entered into a contractual agreement to repay all the borrowed money. Under what Constitutional authority does the government claim that those contracts are null and the student is absolved of the debt? Under what Article 1, Section 8 power does the government claim the authority to pay off that debt in the students’ stead?

      (And under Equal Protection, “student loan forgiveness” should be available to everyone who has or ever had student loans. If we have paid them off, as contractually agreed, we should be entitled to some kind of reimbursement. Under what authority can the government reward those who made cruddy decisions while telling the rest of us — who did everything right — to pound sand?)

      • And to pay taxes (whether through the IRS or through runaway inflation) so the government can reward those who made cruddy decisions.

        A Democratic politician is someone who hears the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper” and thinks, “Wow, I can get the grasshopper vote.”

  2. “Democrat Rep. Has Psychotic Meltdown”

    Must be a day ending in “y”.

    (checks calendar) “Yep”.

  3. Proof beyond reasonable doubt that all legislation should have to pass constitutional muster before it is applied to the citizens at large.

    • Well, that is of course true, the Constitution says so. The problem is that nearly all politicians in all three (or more) branches don’t give a damn about the Constitution and ignore it whenever they can get away with it. And it has always been that way, though perhaps not quite to the same degree that it has been since TR and Wilson and FDR.

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