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Reparations provide a chance to heal our nation’s racial soul, remake our racial politics and transform dreams of a more egalitarian and interracial democracy into reality.

Joel Goza
Professor of ethics and the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Simmons College in Louisville, Ky.
June 29, 2023
California owes reparations for making Ronald Reagan president

I didn’t realize taking money from the general population and giving to people because of their skin color change people’s racial souls. In fact, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as racial souls. And how does an “interracial democracy” differ from an ordinary democracy?

It is exceedingly rare that I have read an article with so much fluff and gibberish with so little content. It is truly a marvel of rainbows and unicorns. It must be all the schooling required to become a professor that enabled him to get so out of touch with reality.


11 thoughts on “Reparation Fluff and Gibberish

  1. So, according to the professor, any person of color accepting reparations becomes White.

  2. Another blog I frequent calls large compilations of words that fail to achieve meaning ‘Authentic Frontier Gibberish’, from Blazing Saddles.

    Weird Al’s Mission Statement is a fantastic take on the same phenomenon in the corporate world.

  3. I think reparations is a violation of the “corruption of blood”, clause in the constitution. On top of being to ignorant to entertain. The precedence it would set for future, not so worried about race generations?
    How ’bout we lynch blacks for rapes their fathers committed? (Why should we assume lynched blacks were innocent? We never assumed that for cattle rustlers and horse thieves.)
    And since we live in a democracy. Why can’t the white people vote to make black people pick their cotton for free?
    And don’t forget how the Mexicans and Asians are going to feel about paying that vig? They be big time racists. ( La Raza anyone?)
    Or is that going to be a new line on your IRS form. Are you white? Add 20%. Plus 10% for the big guy.
    One can always tell the stage of societal collapse by the ignorance of the demands. The dumber the politics, the sooner Cloward and Piven find out Americans are different the Europeans.
    And why we have a gun culture here.

  4. Suppose you could quantify the daily value of the Second Amendment. It’s hard to value a right, but suppose we did it by “cost to replace”: what’s the going rate for a full time guard detail, with all the licenses and permits the anti-gunners would require, armed as you would yourself? What’s the cost to pay an someone to do what you could have done yourself? Got a number in mind, a daily rate? OK, that’s going to be $X.

    Now, multiply $X by the population of the area with the harmed people, multiply again by the days the infringing act has been in force, and that’s the reparations owed to The People. Wanna quibble that the right wasn’t completely destroyed, and $X is unreasonable? Fine. $X is the rate for a trained dude with a full-auto, suppressed subgun with drum magazines and some great body armor festooned with grenades and more drum mags, less the actual rental and depreciation costs of all that gear. $Y is the rate for the same guy, but he only gets a 6-shot .38 revolver, less the rental costs of the gun and 6 rounds. So, hardware costs are neutralized in the formula. Subtract $Y from $X, and we’ve neutralized the price of the trained man, his pay and benefits. What’s left is the cost of the licenses, payoffs, compliance, etc to KEEP and to BEAR, call that $Z. Now start multiplying times population and times days. There’s the reparations owed.

    Who owes that money? Well, The People don’t owe that to Themselves. Turns out The People have a little something, a authorizes-the-government-to-exist-at-all document, and there’s a little known clause, second in a list of such clauses, that say their government just flat out can’t do that sort of… what’s the word?… infringing. So, obviously, the government of The People didn’t infringe upon that right because it can’t. But someone did, and that’s who owes the reparations.

    Who are the reparations owed to, and how much? It’d be everyone in the area of infringement, even the people doing the infringing (they’ll just individually owe more than they are owed). I suppose each individual could count up each day or fraction of a day (when they are traveling through), and add up the value-of-infringement of each individual jurisdiction they were in, billable to whomsoever was responsible for the infringement in each area.

    This reparations thing is fun, everyone can play. If it ever stops being a silly game, and starts being real, whoooo, I’m going to start playing with a spreadsheet of dollar figures and specific names.

  5. Living in KY, I would say the chances of this coming to fruition here are somewhere between Hell No and Bless his heart!

  6. Reparations…
    Reperations are Just Another Ghetto Con.
    Nothing more.
    A alleged wrong, righted by Free Money …when they had Absolutely NOTHING to do with it, other than Genetic Connection.

    Thats a Hell of a Metric.

    Fact ,yup all black folks … from Pres to Prof to Policeman to Painter to Physicist and everyother place.

    If they concentrated on bringing the Emotional, Reasoning and Intellectual IQ average up 10 points …that would dwarf any amount of “Reperations” for ALL of Them …including the spawns.

    Yup, just another con.

  7. At its root these reparations are just another version of give me all your money because I claim victim points. Counter arguments include the question of the blood debts owed to both the descendents of Union soldiers and the estates of murdered civil rights workers. If you really want to make them scream ask them how they plan to collect from the Cherokee tribe or the Slaver Kingdom of Dahomey, currently the Republic of Benin. I would also demand a,tax credit since my ancestors were enslaved by the Russian Empire .

    This is yet another virtue signaling luxury belief containing enough bovine excrement to fertilize every acre of arable land in the Willamette Valley,twice.

  8. I’ll consider paying reparations so long as they can answer my one question.

    “How much do I have to give you to make you shut up forever about racism, slavery, and oppression?”

    It’s not the money. It’s the fact that we’ll give them the money and then they still won’t stop complaining. We know how this works.

    “That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.”

    Maybe we need a new name for so-called “reparations.”

  9. Is this not a “plus / minus equation”? At which point the math gets….well, interesting.

    Reparations for “Something That Happened Before.” Let’s assume that’s a valid claim, and examine it. How will a per-unit compensation value be calculated? What criteria will go into determining how much, of what, at which value, at what accrual rate, will be awarded to individual claimants?

    Will computational expenses for determining that figure be allowed? Certainly, determining individual per-unit compensation will have an expense, and probably, not a small one. There’s number of progenitors, lifespan per each, less sustainment cost, i.e., “clothing, food, habitation expense” (housing), F&F (furniture and fixtures), initial procurement expense (purchase price, plus transportation costs), cost of supervisory personnel, disposal, etc.

    Then there are computations on the Value Received end: the profits from business activities, offset by expenses (which includes paid interest), and amortized over a time period (which, so far, has not been defined).

    Then there are “current cost considerations” such as Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Benefits Programs (for which I’ve heard a 5 trillion figure tossed about, but I’d expect something quite a bit more more precise), and the Ongoing Support Costs, such as additional police and incarceration facilities required by an induced higher crime rate, post-riot repair and reconstruction, societal cost inmposed by loss of destroyed businesses, cost of public housing (which should include governmental development expense (legislatures aren’t free, and neither are the plethora of governmental administrative agencies such programs require), architectural expenses, construction, maintenance, and the inevitable decommissioning expenses associated with imploding the buildings and carting away the rubble.

    Then there’s the retained cost of a four-year long civil war; it would not be unreasonable for a myriad of parties on both sides to levy claim for financial loss associated with its prosecution and resultant consequence.

    Whichever accounting firm gets the contract for this will have a multi-decade-long license to print money (which will, undoubtedly, result in a world-wide shortage of Bentley automobiles, Rolex watches, and vacation homes in exotic locales). And, it would not surprise me in the slightest that a completely accurate accounting might result in those seeking reparations actually owing everyone else money, and in substantial amounts.

    Slavery, of any kind, in any place, by anyone, is an anathema and an affront to even the most base level of civilization and any degree of toleration of it an abomination. That said, slavery in the United States will turn out to be the most expensive Cheap Labor the world has ever seen, by orders of magnitude.

  10. I’m old enough to remember when professors were expected to have brains. No snide comments, or I shall smite you with my cane.

    I love counter-intuitive stuff as much as the next guy, but constantly focusing on race won’t eliminate racism – it make it worse.

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