From Gods and Curses Into Psychology and Sex

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i don’t think civilization has gotten less superstitious, i think it just shifted from gods and curses into psychology and sex

Aella (@Aella_Girl)
Tweeted on June 26, 2023

I could see a case being made for that.


2 thoughts on “From Gods and Curses Into Psychology and Sex

  1. A very strong case.
    Gaia, a kind of god.
    Sorting your trash and keeping sustainability (as currently understood) in your purchases and consumption is keeping a kosher household.
    The rituals known as “virtue signaling” show the practitioner is properly aware of what he must do to belong.

  2. Well then, call me a heretic to the new paganism, for I shall not partake of their unholy sacraments, nor bow to the black masked Herald, nor pledge allegiance to the rainbow banner…

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