Gas Tax Loophole

You may have heard Washington state has the highest gas prices in the nation. A huge contribution to this is the state gas tax.

As I frequently drive to and from Idaho this is rather painful. However, I have found a loophole. The difference in the price of gasoline in Idaho versus the Seattle area is so great than I can buy ethanol free gasoline in Idaho for approximately the same price as I can purchase the 10% ethanol blended unleaded in Bellevue.

Ethanol free gasoline gives my car a noticeable boost in gas mileage. On my last return trip from Idaho I was able to demonstrate that I can fill up in Moscow, just over the border from Washington, and, driving at or under the speed limit, I make it back to Bellevue on a half tank of fuel.

That means that if I bring back a five or six gallon can of ethanol free gas I can drive around town a little and still make it all the way back to Idaho without giving the commie Washington state government a single penny of gasoline tax.

Oh, and I can buy all the standard capacity magazines and guns I want in Idaho while I’m there too. All 100% legal*.

*I am legally required to leave any such newly purchased items in Idaho until the courts overturn the illegal gun laws in Washington. But that is what the armory in my underground bunker is for.


7 thoughts on “Gas Tax Loophole

  1. (real)NATO 5 gal cans are your friends. . . And typically your gas mileage is reduced by whatever the percentage of alcohol that is diluting the gasoline you buy. BTu’s matter.

  2. I suspect most states haven’t thought through the impact of widespread electric vehicle adoption on their gas tax revenues, either.

    • Some have. They want the car GPS data for “miles traveled” on which roads. Which, of course, fails my Jews in the Attic Test.

      • Somebody elsewhere suggested collecting an electrons tax at charging stations. Just like a gas tax at the pump. Much better idea. Of course the best idea is to get rid of the EV lunacy altogether but that will probably take a grid meltdown.

        • I don’t have a problem with EVs. They work for some people.

          I have a problem with mandating EVs for everyone, absent a government-approved “special need”.

          It’s no different from “may-issue” CCW permits, as struck down by Bruen: I have no problem if someone chooses defenselessness, but I have a huge problem with mandating defenselessness absent a government-approved “special need”.

  3. You might consider stashing a couple of those Idaho gas filled NATO fuel cans at home in WA. You might need some gas to get to ID, when it isn’t available due to “difficulties”. Don’t forget to add some fuel stabilizer to keep it fresh. CZ at “Notes from the Bunker” has posts on details.

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