Dunning–Kruger Effect on Display

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I think the time and energy it would take to ratify a 28th Amendment could be put to better use.

Instead of taking decades to secure approval of two-thirds of Congress and three-fourths of the states, I believe a gun summit at Camp David — with gun-rights advocates, law enforcement and survivors — could hammer out new, commonsense gun safety measures in a matter of days.

Denny Freidenrich
Laguna Beach
June 12, 2023
Letters to the Editor: We need an answer on gun violence now, not Newsom’s 28th Amendment

I find it amazing how ignorant some people are and yet think they know the situation better than the people directly involved.


14 thoughts on “Dunning–Kruger Effect on Display

  1. If they took the Government class, that I took in HS in 1974 they would have a clue, provided they didn’t sleep through it.

    Sadly, they don’t teach Government or much else of use.

    • They might have sat in the back listening to the World Series on a pocket transistor radio turned real low. There was also the effect of sunny days on class attendance to consider.

      There’s also the hijinks, such as the story of the Basket Ball Player Sidney Wicks, which I would tell under other circumstances.

      There are really lots of reasons nothing is retained from High School except Mungo Jerry’s song about in the summertime.

  2. “We need an answer to gun violence now.”
    This seems as one of those; “You…. Can’t handle the truth”, moments.
    But it is fun watching them squirm. Imagine their surprise when they find out how lawless we can be?
    They got Antifa, watch what happens when they run into real Anticoms.

  3. Ol’denny , Aint he a sweet little tyrant.
    We’ ignore his Laguna Beach..address👌

    • We know his address?
      Is it within a gated community?
      We need to know where these anti-liberty people live so if someone holds a trial for them, they cannot send their regards and shall attend.

  4. Dude is apparently a serial Letter to the Editor writer. Google search his name and “Laguna Beach” and you’ll see all kinds of stuff about him.

    Camp David. Is this guy freaking serious?

  5. Denny, I have a commons sense gun control idea for you – go pound sand!

  6. The next letter, from a David Perel, is even more stunningly ignorant.

    “Rather than take on the daunting ask of amending the Constitution, Newsom should take an approach that would be entirely consistent with the 2nd Amendment’s wording.

    The 2nd Amendment begins with “a well-regulated militia” — not just a militia, but a a well-regulated one. An honest interpretation would be that as long as restrictions do not impede the formation of a regulated state militia, they could be deemed permissible.

    My suggestion to Newsom: Allow widespread ownership of firearms, but all such arms (some types of small arms might be exempted) would be held by the California National Guard and could be accessed and used only through the Guard.

    I doubt these morons have even heard of Heller, Caetano, or Bruen

    • And he never thought anyone else could use the second half of the 2A to put him and Gavin in jail for treason?

    • That approach of “if you want weapons, join the army” reminds me of an earlier totalitarian who said the same thing:
      “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” — Heinrich Himmler
      The last few words of that quote disclose the actual intent there. That intent is well captured by the famous quote “ask yourself what they intend to do to you that they can’t do so long as you retain your arms”.

  7. “I doubt these morons have even heard of Heller, Caetano, or Bruen”

    Whether or not they are aware of Supreme Court decisions, or even the Constitution upon whch those decisions are rooted, is irrelevant.

    The Supreme Moment of Awareness will occur when A Substantial Number of Americans decide to ignore the Supreme Court, for different reasons and in a different direction, as intensely as the Left already does.

    • I don’t see why we’re so surprised that the Leftists are so reality-free about their suggestions. We already know they apply procedural laws and regulations, and criminal codes and procedures that no one until this moment dreamed could be interpreted as they do.

      Trump is the most recent and highest profile example, but I’ve noticed this creative-writing approach to laws and precedents for a long time.

  8. Denny is living proof of H.L. Mencken’s comment about how everyone has a solution that is simple, cheap, easily implementable and wrong.
    That isn’t what he said, but it’s my paraphrase and I’m sticking to it 😉

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