@theDeuceCuatro has mental problems

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It’s insane. Tiny-dicked “patriots” need to feel safe while children are terrified to get an education, go to movies, go to church, go grocery shopping, go dancing, go to concerts, go anywhere.

The DeuceCuatro, Anti-fascist, PhD @theDeuceCuatro
Tweeted on February 22, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

This so claimed “PhD” not only thinks there is a correlation between gun ownership and penis size but thinks people own firearms to “feel safe”. I find it very telling they believe they know the contents of other people’s minds. Belief in mind reading is a sign of certain mental disorders. And they claim gun owners are insane.

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.


10 thoughts on “@theDeuceCuatro has mental problems

  1. Their thesis seems to be that there’s so much violence out there that the government should engage in a massive door to door confiscation with all the included violence.

    But they also seem to think that it’s paranoid to carry a pistol under your jacket just in case you’re violently attacked.

  2. “while children are terrified to get an education, go to movies, go to church, go grocery shopping, go dancing, go to concerts, go anywhere.”

    Pray tell where this takes place?
    Herr Doktor seems to be projecting his own fears.

  3. Have we ever seen someone with their academic credentials in their Twitter handle/bio that wasn’t doing their best to persuade you of the precipitous decline of higher education?

  4. Ph.D, “Piled high and Deep.”
    Worth as much as; “Experts say”, and “Studies Show.”
    If he has a Ph.D*, it is in the same category as C.P.A., a Car Park Attendant.

    * Post Hold Digger

  5. Ph.D,
    “You keep using that word. I do think it means what you think it means.”
    “The sad look on their faces when they go through active shooter drills.”
    Oh my God, yes! We were so traumatized as youth having to go through fire drills, earthquake drills, duck and cover. They even made us watch movies of nuclear bombs going off! And how we were all going to die if we didn’t do what we were told!
    And don’t get me started on driver’s education. Signal 30, Red asphalt. Ya, we got to sit through whole movies of nothing but the dead and the dying being swept up off some highway or another.
    But the real question is, how could you see their faces through the masks you make them wear?
    Sorry Windy, PhD., Psychotic, horrid, Demon/ic.
    Her handle should be, DeuceCastro@Commiewitches.net

    • P.S. That link above created itself. (I ain’t smart enough to make one myself.)

  6. The alpha hotel “PhD” obviously doesn’t know that women don’t have male genitalia,
    but I know several who will fix his/hers: gratis and explosively.
    There is no limit to stupidity.

  7. Where are these children that are terrified to go out? If anything, some may be terrified due to; 1-This idiot and others unhinged rants. 2-The criminals his type allow to go free.
    Living across the country the only experience I had with children even the least bit concerned about shootings are in gang infested areas. Because that is where the majority of shootings happen.
    Stop the catch and release and pre trial deals. Charge and sentence criminals based on the crime. Not their skin color or affiliation.
    But no, that would hurt the criminals and be discriminatory against them. They ate too many Twinkies as a child and have an imbalance. It’s not their fault. Bul$h!+.

    • Right. I’ve seen some of these “active shooter” drills in schools (back when they still allowed parents to volunteer in class). They have a VERY different feel to them than earthquake or fire drills; earthquake and fire drills are very methodical — “don’t panic, here’s what we do, we’re going to be fine” — but “active shooter” drills have a palpable sense of fear and helplessness.

      That feeling comes entirely from the staff. If the kids describe feeling more scared, it’s because they’re taking their emotional directions from the grown-ups in the room. Some of that is unintentional; targeted violence is not the same as a natural disaster. But some of it is intentional; the staff over-hypes the danger because they WANT the kids to be scared, so that the parents will be scared, so the parents will vote for more “gun control” and “school safety” measures.

      “For the children,” of course. The kids are terrified, but it’s OK because it’s “for their own good.”

      • Fear and helplessness are what you get when you’ve ruled out any effective response.

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