Declare Gun Owners Terrorists and Send Them to Gitmo

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Should the government declare gun owners as terrorists and send them to Gitmo so that way guns can be banned without violating the Second Amendment?

Braydon Page
Question added on May 5, 2023

Trolls can be entertaining. But sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between those entertaining themselves and people who are completely serious.


7 thoughts on “Declare Gun Owners Terrorists and Send Them to Gitmo

  1. Why bother trying to tell the difference?
    Trolls don’t care and someone that genuinely stupid won’t be able to answer anyway.

  2. Oh he is probably serious. Any more I always take them at their word. If he says he wants to rendition me I believe him. As I often say though. He expects someone else to try and do it while he hides in his basement. He would never be in the stack as rarely do these individuals have the courage of their convictions. And they don’t understand that it won’t end the way he thinks it will.

    • As I always say, “If you kick the lid off of Hell, you don’t know what you’ll get.”

  3. As William stated, we should believe him. Cause even if he was joking most of his communist buddies aren’t.
    Antifa was an anti-national-socialist movement that backed Lenin/Stalin communism. Who did what to anyone they didn’t like?
    Today they call themselves that with the full knowledge that you were worthy to be starved to death for owning 40 acres and being able to feed yourself.
    That you can be tortured and murder for not clapping with the proper enthusiasm.
    Ya, we should believe him. Every country that didn’t has paid a horrid price.
    That’s why nick-name Gavin Newsome, Git-mo Gavin. Cause like every communist. He’s wants to git-mo for himself. And will turn our whole country into Git-mo to get it.
    And Braydon. You’all got the talk’in part done. Stack-up or Shut-up, bitch.

  4. These people may be trolls…but they are totally serious. They really DO want to round up anyone they don’t like and do whatever they feel like doing to them.
    And they have the psychopathic personality that allows them to think and act this way and feel totally guilt free at the same time. They are evil, demented people. And if we don’t eradicate them they WILL do their best to eradicate us. There can be no coexistence with the left. THEIR RULES say it’s not possible.

  5. Oh Hell. They already have declared us as terrorists. And the only reason they haven’t sent us off to gitmo is because were armed, and they ain’t got enough man-stuff to get after it.

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