Orwellian Freedom

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I’m proposing the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution to help end our nation’s gun violence crisis.

The American people are sick of Congress’ inaction.

The 28th will enshrine 4 widely supported gun safety freedoms — while leaving the 2nd Amendment intact:

1) Raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21

2) Universal background checks

3) A reasonable waiting period for gun purchases

4) Banning the civilian purchase of assault weapons

Gavin Newson @GavinNewson
Tweeted on June 8, 2023

Emphasis added.

“Gun safety freedoms”? This is classic Democrat Orwellian speak. It ranks right up there when Democrats demanded freedom — to own slaves. And it deserves the same amount of respect.

See also what CCRKBA has to say about this.

I hope he enjoys his trial.


15 thoughts on “Orwellian Freedom

  1. Supposing this were enacted and ratified, what’s the recourse for contradictory statements within the Constitution?

    This “28th Amendment” would pretty clearly violate the 2nd Amendment. One must supersede the other, but which one? Can a Constitutional Amendment be ruled unconstitutional? (Probably not; if ratified, it becomes part of the Constitution, and by definition the Constitution cannot be unconstitutional.)

    I can’t decide if Newsom is simply unaware of the legal can of worms he’s proposing, or if he’s aware and does not care, or if it’s intentional. But I’m leaning toward that third option.

      • Also the 16th, which is a literal daggar plunged into the original fiscal design of a weak federal government.

    • The normal and obvious rule of construction is that an amendment supersedes all earlier text that it contradicts. So this “Orwell Amendment” would indeed wipe out much of the 2nd Amendment.

  2. He’s done a pretty convincing job of saying these particular changes are needed because they are not constitutional currently. They will remain unconstitutional until the effective date of the amendment (as if!). So we can treat this little stunt as an admission of guilt of knowingly proposing and enforcing unconstitutional laws, rules and regulations.

    • Most excellent and damning observation. Now, if we could just get someone to rub it in his face!

    • To “gun control” fanatics, any measure that results in reduced “gun violence” is “reasonable”.

      15-year waiting period? Why not? If it saves just one life, it must be “reasonable”, right?

      • And who cares if other types of violence increases beyond the savings in reduced gun violence.

        • Yes, if that happens, it just happens; it isn’t OUR fault. It’s like the weather. You can’t blame us for the weather.

    • “USAFacts has an interesting piece on “time to crime” for gun purchases.”
      They should try doing one on the laws these clowns pass.
      Or maybe they could just show us where anything the government has passed in the last 10 years wasn’t criminal?
      Ask the ATF, where USAfacts got there info. Nothing but sterling information from that outfit, right?

  3. And since none of that 28A crap ever worked in his own state. (What am I saying, this guy is a lizard from outer space, not California.)
    The facts remain. It all worked so well in Cali. that they had to make possession of a stolen weapon a misdemeanor just to keep half the bangs in his state out of prison under his three strikes laws.
    Git-mo Gavin is just posturing for his commie rise to power. (The satanic overlords must be looking for a new medium with which to transfer funds through. looks like Joe’s about done.)

  4. What “trial”. Nuisance Newsome will NEVER be held accountable for his commie efforts to destroy freedom…just like the rest of the commies in power. And eventually the left WILL succeed in their efforts to overturn the Second Amendment. It’s not an if…it’s a when. Why? Because “we the people” refuse to HANG THEM. Which is what must happen to defend our rights. As long as they are allowed to steal oxygen they will NEVER cease trying to destroy freedom, us and America.

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