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Interest in SAF membership has been simply stunning. In our 49 years of existence, we have never experienced such a spontaneous organic groundswell of public interest, from all over the country. Not only does this show the importance of fighting these legal battles on behalf of our members, and American gun owners in general, it also underscores the degree of public interest in the arm brace issue. We are both proud and humbled by the surge in memberships from people who see SAF as leading the charge against the ATF’s flip on pistol braces.

Alan M. Gottlieb
SAF founder and Executive Vice President
June 5, 2023

Gun banners always make the best gun and gun rights organization membership salesmen.

Firearms Policy Coalition members also have immunity from prosecution for owning a pistol stabilizing brace.

Become members of both, just to make sure.


3 thoughts on “Top Gun Rights Organization Membership Salesmen

  1. You have three fine organizations the SAF, GOA & the FPC that have been carrying the banner and leading the charge against the ATF.

    My question is where has the NRA / ILA been hiding during this time? I’m a life plus member and all I’ve seen from them is a car raffle and letter asking for more money.

    • NRA has largely been converged at the organizational level.
      “Convergence” in this case meaning Vox Day’s definition, where an organization has been infiltrated and subverted to the point where it is no longer is capable of performing its ostensible prime function, and it’s functional goals converge with those of the subverters, even though they still wear the original organization like a skin suit.

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