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I believe that Greg Lukianoff was exactly right in the diagnosis he shared with me in 2014. Many young people had suddenly—around 2013—embraced three great untruths:

They came to believe that they were fragile and would be harmed by books, speakers, and words, which they learned were forms of violence (Great Untruth #1).

They came to believe that their emotions—especially their anxieties—were reliable guides to reality (Great Untruth #2).

They came to see society as comprised of victims and oppressors—good people and bad people (Great Untruth #3).

Liberals embraced these beliefs more than conservatives. Young liberal women adopted them more than any other group due to their heavier use of social media and their participation in online communities that developed new disempowering ideas. These cognitive distortions then caused them to become more anxious and depressed than other groups. Just as Greg had feared, many universities and progressive institutions embraced these three untruths and implemented programs that performed reverse CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) on young people, in violation of their duty to care for them and educate them.

Jon Haidt
March 9, 2023
Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Sank First and Fastest: Evidence for Lukianoff’s reverse CBT hypothesis

Interesting stuff. It is worth reading the whole thing. It could also explain why the assertion Liberalism is a Mental Disorder has some truth in it.


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  1. I think that’s why our forefathers gave black men the vote before their wife’s? (Vox day wrote a piece on woman voting years ago. And it was hilarious! Especially the comments!)
    Communism is a religion of domination. That is brought to power by exploiting weaknesses in society. And womans emotional nature is a perfect tool.
    Totalitarians never pass that up. And this just seems another example of that Stockholm type exploitation. It extremely hard for anyone to realize there is no safe space in this world. The whole place is out to kill you by design.
    The author is incorrect about #3.
    “They came to see society as comprised of victims and oppressors—good people and bad people (Great Untruth #3).”
    That is exactly how society is made up. That is what people need to be taught is something they need to be on constant defense from.
    We are here today facing a communist takedown of our country because we refused to believe our government would be an oppressor. When hindsight has proved it was never anything other.
    The great untruth is that were powerless against it.
    That is the true message in their lies. We think were powerless.
    And that attitude goes way beyond just little girls.

  2. I don’t think it is directly a matter of liberalism being a mental disorder. I think there’s something more fundamental:

    Progressive authoritarianism wants you to be dependent on them for everything.

    Progressive politics encourages deviance where it exists and creates deviance where there was none before and then portrays themselves as the safe harbor for all the deviants. Being the Party of Victims is a great gig when you can create new victims at will.

    Normal people say: “Dude, you’re overweight. That’s not healthy.”
    Progressives say: “You’re beautiful and healthy just the way you are! Everyone else are fat-phobes! You have no where else to go for validation except us.”

    Normal people say, “Heroin/fentanyl is very addictive, and you are killing yourself with that stuff. We’ve got to get you off it, for good.”
    Progressives say, “You can’t help yourself! You failed rehab, so there’s nothing you can do! So we’re going to make it safer for you do the drugs. You have no where else to go for validation except us.”

    Normal people say, “You’re either male or female. There’s no way for you to change that. It’s in your every cell, and the differences can be seen in your bones. That you believe otherwise is a rough mental illness, and ultimately to only way to get better is to come to accept the reality of your own body. Even if you could change your body, it’s still you in there. We’ll help you in that process.”
    Progressives say, “You are who you think you are! We have drugs and surgeries to change your body into what you think you are! We’re just no going to mention the sterility, drastically reduced lifespan, lifelong dependence on drugs because once we get you on that path, there’s no going back. If you were not accepted before, we’re going to make that problem ten times worse and… You have no where else to go for validation except us.”

    Normal people: “OK, so you’re broke. Let’s get you a job, or at least work on getting you the skills to get a job.”
    Progressives: “We’ll just give you money. Work is oppression! We’ll always support you as long as those other guys don’t beat us.

    Normal people: “Ummm… all that Jim Crow stuff, and the vast majority of historical racism in the US, was from Democrats. We’re not into any of that.”
    Progressives: “The answer to historical discrimination is current discrimination and then future discrimination. We will never not be absolutely aware of every iota of your identity and where you stack up in the oppressor/oppressed categories that we come up with every single day. Once we convince you that you’re oppressed, you have no where else to go for validation except us.”

    Normal people: “You are literally crazy. You need treatment because you’re having small to enormous problems interacting with other people.”
    Progressives: “You’re fine! You being narcissistic, histrionic, psychopathic, sociopathic, schizophrenic and/or any combination of the above is perfectly fine for our loyal party members, and you getting better is not in our interest because you have no where else to go for validation except us.”

    Normal people: “I can’t hire you because you can’t read, write, speak, do math or have a grasp of basic facts at a level expected of a functioning adult.”
    Progressives: “We run the educational system, all of the public and most of the private. You only need to know about systems of oppression and anyone that challenges any of it, you should beat them up and set their town on fire. Reading, writing, speaking and calculating are all tools of the oppressors, and the fact that you can’t get a job means that you have no where else to go for validation except us.

    There is no problem that progressives won’t sustain, create and exploit to get their permanent political power… until they actually achieve that power. Then, the smallest victim groups will get dumped in mass graves the second they don’t march exactly in lockstep.

    • In other words, they need broken people. And if they don’t have enough to gain power with their support, then they start breaking them via various government programs.

      • That’s the will to power.

        We used to think that was an expression of how many people they were wiling to put in a mass grave in order to achieve their dominance.

        We didn’t anticipate that “mass grave” was the kindest version of what they were willing to do.

  3. There is a reason people like James Lindsey and others call the school system “groomers.” The best encapsulation in the Oppression Olympics and the explosion of trans and gay I’ve seen is this:

    In some of my son’s classes (a HS junior in a very liberal area) there are more people claiming to identify as something other than normal straight than not, and his homeroom class has lots of posters to make sure that everyone is welcome, at least if you are female, or queer, or Muslim, native, or pretty much anything that isn’t a straight, white, Christian, or male. No love for them.

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