3 thoughts on “Gun Laws of the Red Flag

  1. There is no legal process for confiscating firearms. And nothing legal says you have to give them up, peacefully.
    In fact, the sooner we don’t. The sooner we won’t have to have these discussions anymore.
    In fact, anyone believing anything this government tells them needs to reexamine their thought processes.
    The Waco massacre was in ’93. And those people were murdered over a $200 tax. Ruby ridge was the same thing. Go commit organized mass murder for $200 dollars and see what they call you? (You might end up president though.)
    Has the government gotten any saner since? I trow not.
    Government isn’t sane enough to pass it’s own red flag law test for being able to possess firearms!
    It would be a felony to allow your guns to be peacefully transferred to them. By their own standards.
    It’s kind of hard to pick out their flags these day though. As an American all I see IS RED!

  2. The left is in power. They intend to stay in power. Therefore they no longer care if we see them for what they really are. They are no longer even TRYING to hide their agenda nor their crimes. Because they cannot be voted out of power now.

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