The Exercise of Their 2nd Amendment Rights Would Have Prevented This

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Walmart has long been harshly criticized by the city’s left-wing politicians & residents. This shutdown follows the consequences of the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots that normalized urban criminality.

Andy Ngo
March 2, 2023
Walmart to close ALL Portland stores in March

Antifa should have been dealt with much differently. I place just as much blame on the politicians who failed to do their jobs to protect the rights of the victims.


2 thoughts on “The Exercise of Their 2nd Amendment Rights Would Have Prevented This

  1. Mr. Huffman:

    My wife and I lived in the Heart of the Hive™ in Murderapolis for 27 years since my job (not movable) was in the area. We both grew up there. We watched the city descend into insanity over that time, and got out as soon as I retired in 2019, moving to a small town in NW Wyoming.

    When the rioting broke out after St. George’s death, I proposed the following actions knowing full well they would never be taken.

    1. Declare a state of emergency in the city (never done), and request assistance from the governor (never done), who could then declare martial law for a limited time in a limited area of the city (never done).

    2. Set up 3-man teams of a video/spotlight equipped person, a close-in fire support person with a bullhorn, and a long-rifleman.

    3. After (literally) reading the riot act to a rioting crowd, announce that looters, arsonists, and those assaulting Guardsmen and police will be shot on sight without further warning.

    4. Using the 3-man teams, proceed to the locations being looted and/or burned. Light them up, record enough of them committing their crimes, and then issue (despite [3] above) a final warning. Should they fail to immediately surrender, take the shot. Video the whole thing for the record.

    5. Lather, rinse, repeat until most of the looters and arsonists have either died or surrendered.

    6. Have an empty semi-trailer handy for temporary holding of the bodies, and a second one for the temporary holding of those who surrendered. Set up two quick military tribunals, the first one to verify the dead were shot during the commission of looting and/or arson, cases closed. The second tribunal will be for the survivors; they will verify the video, and sentence them to something like 20 years of hard labor.

    How to fulfill that hard labor? Northern MN has LOTS of empty forest lands that need clearing of dead/fallen timber, and planting of new trees. Offer the option of classroom education (I’m guessing most of the looters are neither literate nor numerate) instead of working in the frozen outdoors (for three months of the year its just a hot, humid mosquito heaven). I’m guessing even the worst of them will see the upside to sitting in a classroom versus that. I’m thinking something like an old Soviet gulag in the taiga. As an alternative, set up Heinlein’s “Coventry” in a couple of square miles of North Dakota prairie surrounded by barbed wire, fencing, land mines, and machine-gun towers, and let them raise their own food and create their own version of paradise on earth (basically, rule of the strongest barbarian).

    Since they have rejected civilization, civilization should reject them.

    Some may regard this as just a tad bit harsh, but I was sickened and enraged by what those jackasses allowed in what was once (50 years ago) a beautiful city.

    • Sorry sir. But I have to disagree.
      You want the communist mayor of Portland, asking the communist plant in the governor’s seat (Kate Brown?), to shut down the communist Antifa operation?
      Their ALL COMMUNIST ANITIFA. And that political cover goes all the way to DC.
      And the only thing they’re going to go hard on is old ranchers and those that protest for them.
      You want Portland? Joe nails it;
      “Exercise of Their 2nd Amendment Rights Would Have Prevented This.”
      The only solution at this point is government dissolution.

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