Quote of the day—Dogs don’t have thumbs @MorlockP

I believe in a multi-racial, progressive society where whites, blacks, and Koreans can all work together to stand on rooftops and shoot communists.

Dogs don’t have thumbs @MorlockP
Tweeted on August 23, 2021
Deleted by Twitter sometime between August 24, 10:22 AM PDT and August 25 7:01 PM PDT.
[That was an unexpected plot twist in the last couple of words.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dogs don’t have thumbs @MorlockP

  1. The bit about not having thumbs is a story element in a number of L. Neil Smith’s SF novels, in which one of the characters is a cybernetically enhanced coyote. So he has human-level intelligence, and makes his living as a private investigator (a “private nose”, he jokes) — but he still periodically complains about not having opposable thumbs. You can find him as the main character and narrator in “Blade of p’Na”.

      • I don’t know Morlock; where would I find his works?
        The first Neil Smith story where his cybernetic coyote appears is Taflak Lysandra, published in 1989.
        I just realized I described it slightly wrong: he has two such characters, one a coyote, the other a shaggy white dog named Sam. That’s the one who appears in Blade of p’Na.

  2. Who needs thumbs, when you can lick yourself?
    As for shooting communist. That should have been a national pass time since like the 1900’s. Kind of like taking a half-rack down to the dumps and shooting rats all night. It should be considered good clean American fun.
    PITA might have some concern over rats. But I can’t imagine anyone being concerned about, antifa, or drag queen story hour?

  3. If only it were that simple. Who are the communists? Are they the clueless pawns marching in the streets, making noise, throwing Molotov cocktails and looting? No. They’re the upper level members of your regional and national charities, the deans of departments of education, they’re the leaders of your local churches, mosques and synagogues, they’re the bosses of the editors of major news outlets, and leaders of international organizations and unions. You’ve voted for them and even donated to them. But those are pawns too.

    Mostly, the communists, the primary influencers and leaders, are the ones whose names you’ve never heard and whose faces you’ve never seen. Yeah. Those guys you can’t identify and wouldn’t believe yourself if you did. You’d have to shoot them or face a never-ending task, and you can’t see them because, as far as you know, they don’t exist.

    And let’s never forget that the fascists and communists once hated one another, or at least they pretended to hate one another, or still do pretend to hate one another, so as to convince us that there is a significant difference or that they’re even opposites! This is one of the more curious phenomena; that fascists and communists would go to war on supposedly moral grounds (or something) when, from where I’m sitting there’s no moral difference between the two whatsoever. Clearly it’s a false dialectic. And you know one of the prominent “anti-communist” and yet pro-fascist entities in this world? Yup: The Vatican. The Vatican, which was reinstated as a sovereign political entity by none other than Benito Mussolini.

    One could well argue that fascism is far more insidious than communism, pretending as it does to uphold and even honor property rights while seeking nothing but total control over all property, assets and resources. The communists almost appear honest and up front by comparison, but both are of course based on lies and seek nothing but mass destruction (all for “the common good” of course).

    And so, who are you going to shoot? And why from the rooftops when the leaders are in effect hiding in their spider holes far from view or posing as community benefactors in full view, being highly adored and respected? You’d have to become the most effective undercover investigator and infiltrator ever, just to identify your targets. You’d end up in your own neighborhood, going after some of the most respected people in town and so-called VIPs around the world. Most likely, you’d eventually have to shoot yourself too, for having supported (probably even currently belonging to) one or more of these communist, fascist or occult organizations, churches or fraternities. So after you got through the best of the security systems to get at the VIPs, you’d have to shoot friends and family members.

    The Bible tells us that no flesh would be spared unless God intervenes. That will be the return of Christ.

    Therefore, standing on the rooftops shooting communists is a nice fantasy and all, but if you think about it, it’s playing God; judging from above, dealing out death to the wicked from on high so as to remove sin from the world once and for all. Only God can do that, and you’d better spend your time taking care that you don’t end up on the wrong side. Fantasizing about being God isn’t likely to have you end up on the right side.

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