They are stupid on purpose

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It is willful ignorance. They are stupid on purpose. By not knowing how things work, they can propose the silliest things and still pat themselves on the back for “doing something.” Gun laws don’t care about history, reality, or even basic physics. Usually the stuff they propose will actually be backwards and make the problem they supposedly want to fix worse. That’s a feature to them, not a bug. Because as long as the problem keeps getting worse they can keep voting themselves more power and authority.

Larry Correia
January 21, 2023
Gun Wars: An Interview with Larry Correia

This interview is about Correia’s book, .

I have a copy. This is a book to read, loan out, and give to others.


4 thoughts on “They are stupid on purpose

  1. Considering logical decisions are fact based. The communist has only stupid left to use.
    One can gage how close society is to the breaking point by the level to which their stupidity has sunk.
    Shouldn’t be long now!

  2. He’s right. They even make a fetish of their ignorance. I recall one of them commenting on Larry’s blog, with the claim that, since he knows “too much” about the subject, he is clearly biased, and should shut up… (I’m paraphrasing from memory, but that’s the gist of what the wannabe-fascist said.)

    The knowledgeable, the skilled, and the competent apparently have no place at the table in their world.

  3. That “feature” has been called “the iron law of bureaucracy”. It applies everywhere in government — in every instance, agencies pretending to be “to do X” will never do X, because if they did they would no longer be needed.
    For example, the “war on poverty” did not, could not, and will not solve or even help poverty. So, in that case and every case, politicians use the failure of the agency to do X as a reason why it needs a bigger empire — more money and more staff. In the real world, a department or company setting out to do X and failing consistently to make any headway would be shut down, not boosted. But only in the government, which is funded by money extorted from people who actually work for a living, is it not just possible but considered reasonable to reward failure.

  4. We see the same willful ignorance displayed regarding other issues, not just guns.
    The same morons proposing impossible requirements for firearms also blindly insist on things like Miles Per Gallon requirements for ICE vehicles that are flatly impossible. We also see the same stupidity regarding other technologies such as the ridiculous presumption that eventually space flight will become commonplace, affordable, safe and wide spread when there is zero evidence to suggest that such a thing will ever be possible. Most people tend to live in a self imposed fantasy land. The left even more so than the right.

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