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  1. The strategy and tactics of 4th/5th generation and Asymmetrical warfare has never been for set piece, main force engagements. The people who whine “Your ARs are no match for tanks and drones” delude themselves by believing their own propaganda.

    I think they’re too stuck up to do so, but these purposefully ignorant need to pay more heed to ‘Bill Clinton’s Rules of Engagement’ as related by the late Mike Vanderboegh,

    When the Philanderer in Chief, frustrated with Serbian intransigence in 1999, changed the rules of engagement to include the political leadership, news media and the intellectual underpinnings of his enemy’s war effort, he accidentally filed suit under the Law of Unintended Consequences…..

    In other words, they shouldn’t be shocked to find themselves on some local partisan ‘hit parade’

    • Matthew Bracken uses these points in a bunch of places in his impressive (and scary) “Enemies trilogy”, especially in the first volume “Enemies foreign and domestic”.

  2. Fight you? Joe Biden and Klu Klux Klaus Scwhab are the ones about to turn off your electricity and your money card. We got nothing to do with that.
    And you will sign up to go to Ukraine and die as cannon fodder rather than starve to death. And watch your girlfriend go off with the local warlord because he has food.
    What part of reducing world population to 1 billion people did you miss?
    Tanks and f-15s are for protecting the elites. Your going to eat bugs and die.
    I own an AR15 just to see if I can be the last man standing.

    • Biden and Schwab may give the orders but they won’t be the ones who actually do those things. They are not even capable of it on an individual level. Someone will have to be there at the pointy end.

  3. Yep. The people controlling the fighters and bombs have families. Those are the targets to be identified for action when the time is right. Never attack the enemies strength. Attack their weaknesses. They won’t show mercy to our families. So they should expect none for theirs.

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